Sunday, May 31, 2009

Announcements Week of June 1st

Monday (1)- June calendars will be sent home.
NRG (Natural Resource Group) 8th Grade
Tuition Suspension Letters will be sent home today

Tuesday (2)-
New York State Social Studies
Exam Grade 8 Part 1
Social Studies Exam Grades 1-7

Wednesday(3) -
New York State Social Studies
Exam Grade 8 Part 2
Reading Exam Grades 1-8

Thursday (4)-

Archdiocesan Religion Exam Grades 3-8
Religion Exam Grades 1 & 2
ELA (English Language Arts) Exam Grades 1-8

Friday (5)-
Early Dismissal Day 12:00 Noon
Tuition Suspension Day
Science Exam Grades 1-8
Summer School Letters will go home today

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Announcements Week of May 25th

Tuesday (26)- Please make sure that your child has rosary

beads for the May Procession scheduled for

Friday May 29th.

Wednesday(27)- Mrs. Resto will be calling those

who have not re-registered for Septemeber, 2009.

Thursday(28) -Tuition Suspension letters will be

sent home for June 1st. As a reminder no child

may participate in any Graduation Ceremonies

until the tuition for the 2008-2009 school year

is paid in full.

Friday(29)-PreK and Kindergarten Summer Program

Registration is due to Mrs. Resto in the tuition office.

10:00 AM - May Procession Parents are welcome to attend.

End of Year (EOY) Exams 2009

Tuesday June 2nd-
New York State Social Studies Exam Grade 8
Social Studies Exam Grades 1-7

Wednesday June 3rd-
NYS Social Studies Exam Grade 8 Part 2
Reading Exam Grade 1-8

Thursday June 4th-
Religion Exam Grades 1-8
Language Arts Exam Grades 1-8

Friday June 5th-
Science Exam Grades 1-8

Monday June 8th-
Mathematics Exam Grades 1-8

Friday, May 15, 2009

Announcements Week of May 18th

Monday -
Uniform Company will be here on Thursday
in the library at 12:30 PM.
Uniform forms are available from
Alba in the office

PreK Play tickets on sale in tuition office.
Tickets are $3.00 in tuition office or $ 5.00 at door.
PreK and Kindergarten parents are also reminded
about the availability of the Summer Program.
Please see Mrs. Fundora should you need more information.

Tuesday- NRG Grade 8
PreK-1 Spring Show 5:00 PM

Wednesday - Test Paper Distribution Grades 1-4
PreK-2 Spring Show @ 5:00 PM

Thursday- Ascension Thursday
Holyday of Obligation Mass at 9:00 AM
Uniform Company will be here in library at 12:30 PM

Dismissal at 12:00 Noon Faculty Meeting

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Announcements Week of May 4-May 8th

PreK Parents -
The Summer Program for PreK will begin June 22nd will
continue until August 14th.
The program will be a full day program Monday-Fridays.
Mrs. Fundora coordinates the program and if you
have questions --please feel free to see her.
A registration flyer will be sent home this week and
should be returned to the tuition office.

The New York State ESL test in the areas of
Reading and Writing will be administered
on Tuesday May 5th. The Listening section of
the test will be administered on Wednesday May 6th.

Monday- Calendars for May will be sent home
with your child. Extra calendars will be
available at the tuition office.
**Tuition Suspension Day**

Tuesday- New York State Science Test Grade 8
Performance Section
NYSESLAT Test - Reading and Writing

Wednesday-New York State Science Test Grade 8
Written Section
NYSESLAT - Listening

1:30 PM Awards Ceremony for the following students who
won the 2009 Water Conservation Art & Poetry Contest
sponsored by the DEP (Department of Environment Protection)
Jessei Tavarez; Lia Tavares; Daniel Jereda; Rudy Camilo
Arianna Guzman; Cynthia Rubio; Amber Boncenor;
Jonathan Romero and Betsy Vasquez.

6:00 PM Nick Curriculum Awards Ceremony
for 8th grade students

Friday- Dismissal at 2:30 PM

Saturday-Full Moon

Sunday- Mother's Day Plant Sale
Students will sell plants to raise money for the
school greenhouse