Friday, November 25, 2016

Week of November 28, 2016 Announcements

Calendar Change
The December calendar has been changed. 
The early dismissal for faculty meeting will be on December 2nd.
 Dismissal will be at 12:00 noon.
The After School Program will be in session.

Teaching Interpersonal Skills 

                      In this article in Kappan, Adam Dovico (Wake Forest University), says that because of students’ constant heads-down focus on their electronic devices, there’s been a “stark decline” in their ability to interact appropriately with other people. “Typically, students are more comfortable texting or sending an e-mail to introduce themselves or communicate than offering a firm handshake or a warm smile,” says Dovico. “With the convenience of and accessibility to cell phones, it’s now more important to select the correct emoji than to excel at face-to-face interactions.”                                                                                                                                           To prepare students for college admission, scholarship opportunities, job interviews, and the modern workplace, not to mention their personal relationships, Dovico believes schools need to join with families in explicitly teaching students the skills of interacting with others. This is especially important because studies have shown that humans form an impression of another person “spontaneously and with minimal cognitive effort” within a tenth of a second – somehow we take in scores of subtle cues to form a split-second judgment that can make a big difference in subsequent interactions.

Drawing on his experience as a teacher, professor, researcher, and PD presenter, Dovico came up with this SPECIAL acronym for face-to-face interactions:
-   Shake hands – a firm, appropriate grip;
-   Posture – standing up straight, shoulders back, conveying confidence and awareness;
-   Eye contact – looking the other person in the eye during the entire interaction;
-   Charm – winning the person over with a smile, raised eyebrow, head nod, laugh;
-   Introduce yourself – saying, “Hi, I’m ----” gets the ball rolling;
-   Ask a question – “What brings you here?” or “Don’t you hate this snow?” begins a conversation and shows interest in the other person;
-   Lean in and listen – without invading the person’s space, getting a little closer signals engagement and helps you listen and respond appropriately.
These elements, executed smoothly and naturally, “make you come across as confident and professional,” says Dovico. “Many of these proficiencies require practice, which is why it’s vital to begin teaching them at an early age.” He’s working with his four-year-old son on the handshake and introducing himself. In the elementary grades, building a repertoire of questions is helpful, and by middle school students might be coached on the head nod, eyebrow raise, or appropriate lean-in. In high school, students should be able to get into a good conversation with a stranger, maintain eye contact, be charming, and stand out in a crowd.
            Of course, says Dovico, “we’re humans, not robots, and no amount of practice in a staged setting can prepare someone for real-life, unpredictable encounters. 
“Making a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. First Impression” by Adam Dovico in Phi Delta Kappan, November 2016 (Vol. 98, #3, p. 55-59), 

Smart Tuition - Late Fees 
Changes have been made regarding parents requesting the waiver of Late Fees etc. 
 Mr. Guzman may now take your request and will contact Smart Tuition and The Regional Office of Tuition Management for parents.
 No longer should parents call the tuition management office as it can now be handed in the school office. 
As  reminder - fees for bounced checks, credit/debit cards that do not have enough funds cannot be waived.
Only late fees requesting a later date for payment that is done BEFORE the 15th of each month.

Tuition Suspension Day - December 12th
There will be a tuition suspension day for students who have an outstanding balance on their account.
This suspension day will only occur if the parent did not come in to set up a payment plan before report cards.Students will be excluded from class until the parent pays 1/2 of the owed tuition and set up a payment  plan with the regional business manager.  

Students in grades 3, 4 and 5 will have access to i-Ready in the coming week and a report of recent on-line testing will be available for parents.  This again is an on-line platform to assist parents in helping their child raise their reading and Mathematics skills.
This program is part of the Blended Learning Platform of teaching/learning that is going on in  Ms. Bagley's, Mr. Badia's               Ms. Serewko's and Mr. Placido's classrooms.
Hopefully after the beginning of the new year i-Ready will be available for all students in grades K-8.
Students in those grades are also using Google Classroom for assignments, assessments and projects. Students may complete their assignments etc by using an i-phone,i-pad or a computer. All students in grades 3,4 and 5 have received instruction by the teachers and the Blended Learning Coach the last few weeks. Parents who have questions may see the classroom teachers involved or Mr. Woods .

Sunday - November 27th First Sunday of Advent

Monday - November 28th
December calendars will be sent home with students today.

Tuesday- November 29th 
Superintendent of Schools will be in building to review Blended Learning Classrooms of Grades 3, 4 and 5 

Wednesday - November 30th - Feast of St. Andrew
Alan's last day- we wish him well in his new endeavors.

Thursday December 1st - World AIDS Awareness Day 
PreK For All coach will be working with teachers and students.
On-Line enrollment for 2017-2018 begins today for students entering Kindergarten next year and any new students.

Friday - December 2nd - Early Dismissal Day 12:00 noon
Faculty Meeting 
After School Program in session 

Sunday - December 4th - Second Sunday of Advent
Living Environment Class - 9:00 AM
Mass for all students 1:00 PM 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Week of November 21, 2016 Announcements

Thanksgiving Week 2016 

Canned Food and Turkey Drive
Canned Food will continue to be collected for distribution to the outreach program of St. Patrick's Home in the Bronx
 All the food will be delivered to St. Patrick's Home
by Confirmation students of grades 7 & 8.
Mr. Woods has been bothered by children in the upper grades reporting that their parents say that Nursing Homes receive money from the government and they have enough and don't need canned foods!
Parents evidently did not read the total information on the canned food drive that benefits older people who decide NOT to go to a nursing home and are served by the outreach program of St. Patrick's Home assisted by Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York. These are seniors who are living by surviving on Social Security and Food stamps who do not want to leave their homes. 
Then people complain that Trump is president-elect and yet they have the same viewpoint regarding the care of those at the end of their lives.
Parents should correct themselves and apologize to their children for expressing their incorrect thinking!

Report Card Day - Tuesday November 22, 2016
Report Card Assemblies 
9:00 AM - Grades 5-8
9:30 AM - Grades 2-4
10:00 AM Grades K & 1
Parent Teacher Meetings 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM
PreK and Kindergarten Classes in their classrooms
Grade 1- microscope room - first floor
Grades 2-4 - science room - first floor
Grades 5-8 - library - second floor

Monday November 21, 2016

Tuesday November 22, 2016 - Report Card Day 
Please look at note above.
After School Program in Session 
No Extended Day Classes

Wednesday November 23, 2016
Thanksgiving Mass at 9:00 AM led by the Baptism Class
Parents Welcome
Confirmation students and Greenhouse students deliver turkeys and canned foods to St. Patrick's Home.
After School Program in session
No extended Day classes 

Thursday - November 24, 2016 - Thanksgiving
Friday- November 25, 2016 - Thanksgiving Holiday
Sunday- November 27th -
Students may attend Mass with their parents--holiday weekend. 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Week of November 13, 2016 Announcements

Canned Food and Turkey Drive
Canned Food will continue to be collected for distribution to the outreach program of St. Patrick's Home in the Bronx.
Dress down day on Thursday will also raise money for turkeys to be purchased.
                    All the food will be delivered to St. Patrick's Home
by Confirmation students of grades 7 & 8.

Thanksgiving Assembly
PreK and Kindergarten Classes
Students in all PreK classes along with Kindergarten Classes will perform for their parents on 
Thursday November 17, 2016 at 9:00 AM.
The assembly will last approximately 45 minutes and each class will perform under the direction of Ms. Alma, the music teacher and the classroom teachers.

Tuition Meetings - Report Card Distribution
Sunday November 20th
2:00 PM-5:00 PM
Mr. Woods will meet with parents regarding outstanding tuition for report card distribution.
Mr. Woods will THEN submit parent/student names to the tuition manager for tuition extension and the ability to pick up their child's report card.
This is a wake up call for parents who wait until report card day to come and see Mr. Woods for tuition extension/payment etc. 
Teachers will not be able to see parents or receive their child's report card unless tuition is up to date or an extension has been granted by the regional office.
No e-mails, phone calls etc. for the extension as a form must be filled in for the extension by THE PARENT and scanned and sent to the regional office.

Report Card Day - Tuesday November 22, 2016
Report Card Assemblies 
9:00 AM - Grades 5-8
9:30 AM - Grades 2-4
10:00 AM Grades K & 1
Parent Teacher Meetings 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM
PreK and Kindergarten Classes in their classrooms
Grade 1- microscope room - first floor
Grades 2-4 - science room - first floor
Grades 5-8 - library - second floor

Monday November 14, 2016
A reminder to check in with Mr. Guzman regarding tuition balance.
Map parent report due back to classroom teacher.
It will be then returned home to you on Report Card Day.

Tuesday November 15, 2016 - 
Tuition Payment Due to Smart Tuition
Touring Tuesday - Parents are welcome to visit classrooms.
Please call Alba and arrange for a tour by students of the 7th and 8th grades.

Wednesday November 16, 2016
Grades 7 & 8 visit the Holy Doors at Most Precious Blood Church as part of the Year of Mercy which ends on Sunday November 20th.
Ms. Becca will work with students in grades 3, 4 & 5 regarding a new online program i-Ready. More information will be sent home next week regarding the i-Ready program.

Thursday - November 17, 2016
PreK and Kindergarten Thanksgiving Assembly 9:00 AM 
Parents are welcome to attend.
PWC - Price Waterhouse Cooper will work with students in grades 3-8 on financial literacy.

FRIDAY - November 18, 2016 - SCHOOL CLOSED
Conference Day for Teachers

Sunday - November 20, 2016 Feast of Christ the King
End of The Year of Mercy
Living Environment Class 9:00 AM
Reconciliation Class 12:00 noon
Mass for all students in sacramental class 1:00 PM
Parent Meetings regarding Tuition and Report Cards
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Week of November 6, 2016 Announcements

Morning and Afternoon Prayers
Parents are welcome to join us for morning and afternoon prayers.
Morning Prayers begin at 7:55 AM in church 
afternoon or evening prayers begin at 2:55 PM in the afternoon.
Instead of standing in the doorway of the Church getting cold parents should join us in Church. 
If you want to be a regular participant we will get you a prayer book to join us. 
Come up front and sit behind Mr. Woods

A reminder that parents should speak to Mr. Guzman regarding tuition billing etc.  Mr. Guzman  will then contact Smart Tuition and the Manhattan Regional Office for the parent.  
No longer does Mr. Woods have the capacity to eliminate late fees etc. The Manhattan Regional office will decide all those decisions after speaking to the parent.
Also a reminder that candy bar money should be paid to Smart Tuition.
Any issues regarding late fees, scholarships etc. will be resolved only through the Manhattan Regional Office.

Finally, a reminder that report cards will not be distributed to students where there is an outstanding balance. Report cards will be distributed November 20th. Please check the status of your account beforehand.  

A MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) Student Goal Setting Worksheet will be sent home this Thursday with the scores your child attained on the tests administered two weeks ago. Some children may also receive an AIS (Academic Intervention Services) sheet attached to the report. Both need to be sign by the parent.
The areas in green will indicate areas of strength for your child.
The areas in yellow are or maybe an academic area of concern.
The report also lists your child's Lexile Range which is a measure of where your child reads presently. 
Lexile Levels is what Achieve 3000 is all about that children should be working with at home along with IXL to strengthen academic scores.
Below is listed a chart indicating where a typical reader should be by Lexile Level:
Note _ the L after the number indicates Lexile Level 
BR - Beginning Reader - Usually Kindergarten 
Grade 1 - Lexile level 1-280L
Grade 2 - 230L to 580L 
Grade 3 - 360L to 720L
Grade 4 - 480L to 830L
Grade 5 - 620L-950L
Grade 6- 690L-1020L
Grade 7 - 780L-1090L
Grade 8 - 820L to 1140L

So how does a parent help their child raise their Lexile Level? - by making sure time is spent at home (at least 20 minutes) doing Achieve 3000 readings and their questions each night and on weekends. 
This is the same for IXL for Math and ELA if there are areas of concern in those areas.
                        If you have question please speak to your child's teacher or see                                          Mr. Woods on Sundays after 2:00 PM.

Monday - November 7, 2016
Module I tests begin Tuesday - Studying should be done this whole week.

Tuesday - November 8, 2016 Election Day 2016
Module I Exams - English Language Arts and Social Studies Grades 1-8

Wednesday - November 9, 2016
Module I Exams Mathematics K-8 and Science Grades 1-8
PreK For All Coach will be working with students and teachers today.

Thursday- November 10, 2016 - Feast of St. Leo the Great
Module I Exams Religion Grades 1-8 and Reading Grades K-8

Sr. June Clare Tracy, OP - will be working with students and teachers in PreK (Mrs. Fundora and Ms. Rodriguez) along Kindergarten regarding the Religion curriculum.

Lori Velez will be here to work with Classroom Inc Classrooms - Grades 3, 4, 7 & 8

Becca Garrison will be here working with Blended Learning Classrooms and their teachers.

Friday - Veteran's Day - School Closed

Sunday November 13th - School Office Closed - Holiday Weekend
Students in sacramental class should attend Mass with their parents.