Tuesday, October 30, 2012

SCHOOL CLOSINGS - Maybe - Maybe Not
In light of the storm this week parents and students are to be aware that
Our Lady Queen of Martyrs School will
only close when the New York City Public
schools close.
There will be an IRIS alert sent immediately upon the announcement.
Parents are reminded to have their telephone numbers updated should they
change telephone numbers. Please call or see Alana on Sundays from
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM should you want your IRIS account changed.
Parents are to be aware that should school close the day must be
made up at a later time so that the school meets New York
State Education requirements of 176+4=180 school days.

Tuition Suspension Day---Monday ----November 5th
As mentioned on your tuition card that you received
in the mail during the summer there will be a
tuition suspension day on Monday November 5th.
All tuition should be up to date before that
date for your child to be permitted in class.
Mr. Woods will meet with parents who need an extension for tuition on
Saturday November 3rd from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
and Sunday November 4th from 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM.
Parents are reminded to call SMART tuition before November 1st
or should see Mrs. Resto.
Letters will be sent home with your child on
Thursday November 1st if there is an outstanding tuition balance.
As a reminder to parents in the After School Program - payments
for the program are also due to SMART tuition for the program.

Class Picture Day
Class picture Day is Tuesday November 6th
All students should be in regular school uniform.
No gym clothes etc. so the class pictures are all the same.

Monday - October 28th
School Closed - Hurricane Sandy hits NYC

Tuesday - October 29th
School Closed - Hurricane Sandy hits NYC

Wednesday - Halloween October 31st
School Closed - Clean up after Hurricane Sandy

Thursday - November 1st
Feast of All Saints - Holyday of Obligation
Mass at 9:00 AM led by the students of the
7th grade. Students are to be in uniform.
Tuition Suspension letters will be sent home.
Calendars for November will be sent home.

Friday - November 2nd---Feast of All Souls

Saturday- November 3rd--Feast of St. Martin de Porres

Tuition meetings with Mr. Woods 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Sunday --November 4th
12:00 noon- Reconciliation Class
1:00 PM - Mass for all students in sacramental program.
2:00 PM - 6:00 PM - Tuition meetings with Mr. Woods

Saturday, October 20, 2012

This week is National Chemistry Week
parents seeking activties
to do with their child this week may log on to
Under the tab Education you can find
Activities for Kids.

Catholic School Value Survey
A Catholic School Values template has
been developed by St. John's University
to assist Catholic Schools in understanding
their role in education today. If you would
like to be able to voice your choices on the
values you see and experience here at
OLQM please send an e-mail to Mr. Woods at
olqm1@aol.com. Mr. Woods will forward you the
questionnaire that you should return either
by e-mail or in hard copy to Alba in the
school office. At the end of the month Mr. Woods
will publish the results here on the blog.

Safe Environment Curriculum
Dear Parents,
Our Catholic tradition has always affirmed the
dignity of the human person as created in the image
and likeness of God. Every person with whom we come
in contact deserves to be seen by us with th eyes of
God. We know that ministry with children and youth,
in particular, is a sacred trust. We, at Our Lady
Queen of Martyrs School are committed to preserve,
at all times and in all places, this sacred trust
which is rooted in our faith in Jesus Christ.
In 2002, the United States Bishops approved
The Charter for the Protection of Children and
Young People in an effort to protect children
and youth from sexual abuse at ;all levels of
church life and to restore trust in a Church
scarred by the scandal of clergy and sexual
abuse. Article 12 of the charter directs all
dioceses to create programs and processes
to teach children and youth about sexual abuse
and prevention. In the Archdiocese of New York,
this training will be integrated this week.
October 22nd-October 26th into the religious
education program in our school.
We thank you for your support and interest
as we partner to give our children the safest
possible environment to grow in faith, in
our parish, school and in our homes.

Progress Reports
Progress Reports were sent home with
your child on Friday October 19th.
All children received a Progress Report.
It was printed on yellow paper.
Look for it in your child's book bag.

Halloween 2012
The annual PreK and Kindergarten Halloween parade
will take place on Halloween October 31st.
Parents are invited to join in the celebration.
Parents are requested to check with their child's
teacher regarding classroom Halloween celebrations.

Unit I Exams Grades K-8
Unit I exams will be administered to students
in grades K-8 this week.
Wednesday October 24th - Reading & Mathematics
Thursday October 25th - Social Studies and ELA
Friday October 26th - Science and Religion.
Exams are based on the weekly quizzes along with
essays that require application of knowledge
learned during the past 6 weeks.

Sacrament of Baptism
There are presently four students enrolled
to receive the Sacrament of Baptism.
This is a final reminder that parents wishing to
have their child Baptized should see either
Fr. Antonio or Mr. Woods.

Monday - October 22nd
Have you requested a Catholic Schools
Value Survey from Mr. Woods at

Tuesday- October 23rd
Feast of St. John Capistrano
World Astronomy Day

Wednesday- October 25th
Feast of St. Anthony Mary Claret
United Nations Day
Unit Exams Reading and Mathematics

Thursday- October 26th
Unit Exams - Social Studies and ELA

Friday- October 27th
Unit Exams- Science and Religion
Rowland Reading Coach (Superkids)
will be in PreK, Kindergarten,
First and Second grade classrooms today.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Earth Science Week and Science Fair
Earth Science Week takes on an important
theme this year as the focus of the school
and district Science Fairs this year is
Earth Science. Parents wishing to assist
their child in the development of a Science Fair
project may visit the web sit at the bottom
of the logo to the left.

Progress Reports
Progress Reports will be sent home on
Friday with every child in the school.
Parents should address any academic area
where there is mark below 60.
Appointments may be made with Alba in the
office or by calling 212-567-3190.
Parents wishing to receive the login in and
password for their child's gradebook on the
student information system (SIS) should see
Alana on Sundays from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

School Value Survey
A Catholic School Values template has
been developed by St. John's University
to assist Catholic Schools in understanding
their role in education today. If you would
like to be able to voice your choices on the
values you see and experience here at
OLQM please send an e-mail to Mr. Woods at
olqm1@aol.com. Mr. Woods will forward you the
questionnaire that you should return either
by e-mail or in hard copy to Alba in the
school office. At the end of the month Mr. Woods
will publish the results here on the blog.

IRIS Testing

The IRIS alert system will be tested on
October 29th during the day. The main office
of the Archdiocese will test the system and
you will receive the alert sometime during the

Unit One Exams
Unit One exams will be administered
Monday October 22nd- Science and Religion
Tuesday October 23rd - Social Studies and ELA
Wednesday October 24th - Reading and Mathematics
The exams will cover the material from the
weekly quizzes along with analysis, word problem
along with complex reasoning questions as recommended
by the Common Core State Standards.

New York City Department of Health Screening
To say the least it was amazing to see the results
of the screening for vision by the Department of Health.
Over 1/2 of students in grades Kindergarten, Grades 1
and Grade 2 are in need of glasses.
School success in all subject areas can only
be accomplished if the student can see what is
on the Smartboard, what is in their textbooks,
what the teacher is pointing to on a chart.
It is utterly unacceptable that a parent would
just think to remark --"... move my child to the
front of the classroom or closer to the teacher.;.."
will enable them to see.
Please address the letters sent home with an
ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

Monday October 15th- Feast of St. Teresa of Avila
Unit I Week VI
ITBS labels etc put on test answer sheets.
Grade 5 - CoGat Testing

Tuesday October 16th -

Wednesday October 15th
Feast of St. Ignatius of Antioch
8th grade parent meeting regarding
High School Application Process
7:00 PM - Mr. Placido's room.
ITBS - Listening and Written Expression

Thursday- October 16th
Feast of St. Luke
ITBS Grades 1 and 2 Language

Friday - October 19th
Early Dismissal Day 12:00 noon
Faculty meeting
Progress Reports will be distributed
to all students by Fr. Antonio.

Sunday - October 21st
Parish Flea Market in auditorium
12:00 - Communion Class
1:00 PM - Mass for all students.

Monday, October 8, 2012

October 11th is the
50th anniversary of Vatican Council II
and the beginning of Pope Benedict's call
for us to begin a Year of Faith to explore,
examine and study our faith more deeply.
Students will explore different topics in
religion classes to have them understand the
Holy Father's call to discover their faith
more fully.

ITBS Testing Grades 1-8

ITBS testing begins this week. Students
should go to bed early each night and
have a full breakfast each morning during
the testing period. Since the test this year
is new and based on the Common Core Curriculum
students may struggle with some of the
new components of the test. The ITBS is a
diagnostic tool that the schools of the
Archdiocese use to improve education. It is
NOT an IQ test but a tool to assist educators
on needs of students individually and as a
class group.
Parents are requested NOT to stress their children
over these tests but remind them to do the best they
can and to concentrate during the test.
Parents can assist in grades 3-8 by having their child
review the multiplication tables if they are still
struggling with them, read non-fiction books like
they do in class and ask them questions about their

Smart Tuition
Mrs. Resto will now handle all Smart Tuition
inquiries. Mrs. Resto is in her office from
7:30 AM - 3:00 PM.
The school office will no longer be open on
Saturdays as the parent response for assistance
does not warrant staffing the office. All
inquiries should be done on
Sundays from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM.

Candy Bars for Fund Raising
Candy bars are available in the tuition
office to assist parents in their
fund raising. Please check with Mrs. Resto.

IRIS Testing
This month the IRIS system will be tested
during the day. This is a test to see if
you would receive a message from the school
in the event of a school emergency.
Further information will be made available as
to the date etc.
Parents are requested to notify the office
if emergency numbers change.

Monday - October 8th

Tuesday - October 9th
ITBS grids filled in etc.
Students will need at least
three number 2 pencils.
No testing today just paperwork

Wednesday - October 10th
Fireman Bill will be here to talk
to students about Fire Safety as part of
Fire Prevention Week.

ITBS Testing Grades 1-8
Mathematics Parts I & II
Grade 5 ONLY - Mathematics Computation

Thursday - October 11th
NO ITBS testing today
Year of Faith begins

Friday-October 12th
Feast of St. Wilfred
Map a Month due
Vision and Hearing Screening by
the New York Health Department
ITBS testing Grades 1-8
Vocabulary, Spelling, Capitalization, Punctuation
Mathematics Computation.
Grade 5 ONLY - CoGat testing

Sunday October 14th
Confirmation Class 12:00 noon

Mass for all students in sacramental
program 1:00 PM

SIS passwords etc. will be distributed
from 10:00AM - 4:00PM by Alana in office.