Sunday, October 27, 2019

Week of October 28, 2019 Announcements

Parent Reports Grades K-8
A reminder that Parent Reports for the NWEA MAP tests were sent home this week with your child.
Should you have questions regarding your child's results please see your child's teacher or you may see Mr. Woods on Sundays.
The next administration of the MAP tests will be in January 2020.

Parents of ALL PreK Classes
Parents of Students in Kindergarten 
Notice from the NYCDOH
New York City Department of Health

Reminder Flu Shot before December 31st

Required Immunizations - Flu Shot
    All children who have not turned 5 by January 1st must have a flu shot.    
        Any child that does not have proof of the shot by the first day of return from Christmas break must be excluded. 
          The warning period is between now and the beginning of Christmas break.  
           Please keep accurate records.    
    Child remains excluded until he/she receives the flu shot or      April 1st,  whichever comes first.

Halloween Parades 
8:30 AM 
PreK-1 Mrs Fundora
PreK-6 Ms. Sanchez

9:00 AM 
PreK-2 Mrs. Rodriguez
PreK-3 Mrs. Gonzalez
PreK - 4 Ms. McGarry
PreK-5 Mrs. Serbones

Costume Contest 
1:00 PM 
All PreK and Kindergarten Classes
2:00 PM
Grades 1-8 

     Monday October 28, 2019 Feast of Sts. Simon and Jude
   Manhattan Regional Video Shoot in School library.

     Tuesday October 29, 2019  
      Reminder that the end of the First Quarter is November 8th.
      Have you been checking your child's Educate account?

     Wednesday October 30, 2019 
     PreK For All Classes - Closed for Teacher training
     Anti-bullying curriculum will be covered today

     Thursday October 31, 2019 -- Halloween
     Please check with your child' teacher regarding classroom   activities.

   Friday November 1, 2019 
            Feast of All Saints Mass at 9:00 AM 
            Parents Welcome 
   Calendars will be sent home with children at the end of the day.

   Sunday November 3, 2019
   Students in sacramental classes attend Mass with Mr. Woods @                                                                                                     1:00 PM 

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Week of October 21, 2019 - National Chemistry Week

Manhattan Times 

Blessing of the Beasts

At Inwood school, animals are right at home

Thanks again to all the students who made the St. Francis of Assisi Mass so special .

Parent Reports
Parent reports will be sent home with students this week.
The format of the parent report is much different from previous years with more explaining of projected scores, goals for future MAP tests etc.
One of the things that may confuse  parents is that there is projected NYS Math/ELA score for the test that will be administered in the Spring of 2020 for students in grades 3-8.
Many of the scores are LOW because the projection is the score of the test IF the child took the test in the next couple of weeks. 
Your child will be learning many things to meet the standards that will be covered on the NYS test in the coming months. That is why the MAP test is then given in January so that we as a faculty can judge what areas need to be reinforced etc.
Should you have questions please feel free to see your child's teacher or Mr. Woods on Sundays.

Article 43 Inspection 
The New York City Department of Health will be here on Tuesday October 22nd to review records of students and staff in all PreK and Kindergarten classrooms.
The classroom and lunchroom environments will also be inspected.
As a reminder to parents any immunization records not up to date may jeopardize your child's attendance until the records are brought up to date. 
Mr. Woods hope that parents have also been reading that the 
New York State Legislature has required that all schools submit immunization and vaccination records to them this year in December. 
Should your child not have the flu vaccine by the end of December there attendance at school will be stopped after Christmas recess until the flu vaccine is administered.

Tuesday October 22, 2019
9:00 AM 
Grades 4-8 Presentations
Students will present their Hispanic Heritage Month reports and Ms. Alma will have a musical presentation.
Parents Welcome

All students will participate this week in an Evacuation Drill.
This will be one of two drills this year where children to be brought to an off site location.
This is why parents MUST have current phone numbers up to date in the event that this is a real emergency.

October 31, 2019
8:30 AM - PreK & K Halloween parade (parents welcome)
9:00 AM - 8th grade cake sale and Halloween activities
1:00 PM - PreK and Kindergarten Halloween costume contest 
(one winner per class)
2:00 PM - Grades 1-8 Halloween costume contest
Please check with your child's teacher regarding any other classroom activities for the day.

Located in school auditorium  in milk crates near the exit door.

Monday October 21, 2019
Happy Birthday Alba
ELA coach will be working with students today.
TEAK program will be here today.

Tuesday October 22, 2019 Feast of St. John Paul II
NYC Department of Health Inspection PreK and Kindergarten Classes
Hispanic Heritage Day Presentations - Grades 4-8  9:00 AM

Wednesday October 23, 2019- Feast of St. John Capistrano
PreK For All Leadership Training in Library
Bio Class dismissal at 6:00 PM

Thursday October 24, 2019 Feast of St. Anthony Claret
4:00 PM - Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center Neighborhood Grant Award Ceremony -- award of $1,500.00 to assist in the upkeep of the school greenhouse and animal husbandry programs.

Friday October 25, 2019 
Check with your child's teacher regarding Halloween 2019

Sunday October 27, 2019
Sacramental Class students attend Mass with Mr. Woods 1:00 PM 

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Week of October 14, 2019

Inspection Moved 
Inspection Friday October 18th
of all student records in:
PreK and Kindergarten

Parents are reminded that an updated medical should have been handed in by September 30th.
As a reminder the New York City Department of Health may exclude your child from class without proper documentation and immunizations.
Please check with either 
Alba (PreK-1, PreK -2 and Kindergarten)
 Roberto (PreK For All) 
that your child's records are up to date. 

Data Day 
October 15, 2019
School Closed 
PreK For All Program Open 
No After School Program

Hispanic Day Music Presentations
Wednesday October 16, 2019
9:00 AM—PreK 1 & 2
9:30 AM—PreK For All 
10:00 AM—Grades K –3
Parents Welcome to attend

October 17, 2019
Students of 7th and 8th Grade
7:30 AM

Friday October 18, 2018
Individual Picture Day
Students are to wear dress up clothes.
No jeans, teddy bears, or hats!
Please make sure the picture money envelope has been given to Mrs. Resto by 
Thursday October 17, 2019

Monday October 14, 2019 Columbus Day
School Closed

Tuesday October 15, 2019 - Data Day 
School Closed
PreK For All Open

Wednesday October 16, 2019
Hispanic Heritage Music Presentation - Parents Welcome
See times above

Thursday October 17, 2019
Green Horizon Trip - 7th and 8th grade students
Last Day for picture money envelope.

Friday October 18, 2019
Individual Picture Day -- students are to wear Dress Up Clothes.

Sunday October 20, 2019
1:00 PM - Students in sacramental class attend Mass with 
Mr. Woods 

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Week of October 7, 2019

Inspection Friday October 11th
of all student records in:
PreK and Kindergarten

Parents are reminded that an updated medical should have been handed in by September 30th.
As a reminder the New York City Department of Health may exclude your child from class without proper documentation and immunizations.
Please check with either 
Alba (PreK-1, PreK -2 and Kindergarten)
 Roberto (PreK For All) 
that your child's records are up to date. 

Class Picture Day 
October 8, 2019 

 Fire Prevention Presentation 
Fireman Ivan and Fireman Bill will be here to speak to all students regarding Fire Safety.

8:30 AM – 9:00 AM – PreK For All
9:00 AM – 9:30 AM – PreK 1 and PreK 2
9:30 AM – 10:00 AM Grades K and 1
10:00 AM – 10:30 AM – Grades 2-8 

Parents welcome to attend.

Thursday October 10th 
Friday October 11th 
Kindergarten Testing 
makeup dates Week of October 16th 

 NWEA MAP Parent Reports
Parent reports for the NWEA MAP testing will be sent home with the first quarter report cards. In this way parents may have a conversation with their child's teacher(s) during the Parent Teacher Conference on Friday November 22nd.

Progress Reports
October 11th
Progress Reports will be sent home with all children in Grades 1-8 on Friday October 11th.
This report is a reflection of the work done since September.
Parents wishing to see their child's teacher should call Alba in the school office to schedule an appointment.
The staircase or outside the school building is not the time for the discussion. 
Please remember that your child should be present during the conference so that they may understand the importance of good grades.

School Office Closed Columbus Day Weekend
Sunday October 13th 
Monday October 14th 

Monday October 14th 
Tuesday October 15th - Data Day 
PreK For All Program Open
No After School Program - October 15th 

Feast of St. Francis of Assisi 
Mr. Woods would like to thank all the students, teachers and parents who participated in the Mass commemorating the
 Feast of St. Francis.
As you may know NY1 was present for the Mass as was the Manhattan Times (article will be published this week).
To view the NY1 coverage 

You may also check out photos on Twitter.

Monday October 7, 2019  Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary
Picture Money envelopes will be sent home.
Please have exact money in the envelope.
All envelopes are due to Mrs. Resto 
by Thursday October 17th so that we may notify the photo company of the number of photographers that we will need.
As a reminder this is voluntary. 

Tuesday October 8, 2019  - Class Picture Day
Students should be in full dress uniform.
PreK For All Coach will be working with students in PreK

Wednesday October 9, 2019 - Fire Prevention Day 
see schedule above

Thursday October 10, 2019 
Kindergarten NWEA MAP testing Reading 

Friday October 11, 2019 - Feast of St. John XXIII
Kindergarten NWEA MAP testing Math
Progress Reports sent home for students in grades 1-8
NYCDOH inspection of PreK and Kindergarten health records

Sunday October 13, 2019 
Students in sacramental classes attend Mass with their parents - holiday weekend.

Monday - October 14, 2019- Columbus Day 
School Closed

Tuesday October 15, 2019 
School Closed - Data Day 
PreK for All Open 
No After School Program