Saturday, October 31, 2009

H1N1-Swine Flu Vaccine

Permission slip packets for the
Swine Flu Vaccine were sent home
on Thursday October 29th.

The slip should be returned to
you child's teacher in the envelope
provided before November 3rd. The
vaccine will be administered by
the New York City Department of Health
on a date to be announced.

It is the parents decision whether
or not to have their child vaccinated
in school.

Should parents have questions they
may see Alba who can assist in the
completion of the permisiion slip
or other questions may be addressed
to Mr. Woods in the morning or via
e-mail at

Week of November 2, 2009 Announcements

Monday- Feast of All Souls
End of First Quarter.

Beginning today the dismissal door
will change to the Church doors
for students in grades 2-8.
PreK and Kindergarten remain the

Reminder that Tuition must be paid
up to date for report cards to be
distributed to child/parent.

H1N1 Vaccine Permission Slips due.
Parents with questions may see
Alba who will check over the form
with you.

Tuesday - Feast of St. Martin de Porres
Last Day for H1N1 Vaccine permission
forms to be submitted. Extras
are available in the school office.

Wednesday - Feast of St. Charles Borromeo

Thursday - Feast of St. Sylvia

Friday - Feast of St. Leonard
Dismissal at 2:30 PM

Saturday - Specialized High School Exam

Sunday - Class for students in Communion
12:00 Noon
Mass for all studnets 1:00 PM

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Announcements Week of October 26-30,2009

Extended Day Program Survey
The Superintendent of Schools Office has
asked parents that have their children attend
an extended day school to complete a survey
regarding the extended day program.
The survey is available in English or Spanish
for parents ease in completion.
Your child's teacher will hand out the survey
on Monday and we ask that the survey be
completed by Wednesday. Extra copies will
be available from Alba should parents need
an extra.
It is hoped that all parents complete the
form so that an accurate portrayal of the
program is represented to the
Superintendent of Schools Office.

As we approach the final week of the first quarter
of the 2009-2010 school year your child will
be administered a short exam to ascertain
the teaching/learning that was accomplished
this quarter. These exams will be administered
in all subject areas for students in grades
K-8. The vocabulary test this last Friday was
the first of these exams.
As a reminder to parents the quarter will end
November 3rd and report cards will be distributed
November 10th. Please remember that on November 10th
Parent Teacher Conferences will be held
from 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM. Please make time to meet
with your child's teacher regarding their progress
during the first quarter.

This week the Safe Environment Curriculum will
be taught to all children.

Monday- Cherrydale Christmas Candy Sale ends
Feast of St. Demetrius

Tuesday- Science Workshop by Mr. Woods
to teachers of Manhattan Catholic Schools in
the auditorium. Breakfast will end exactly at
7:45 AM to clean and prepare for the workshop.
Feast of St. Frumentius

Wednesday- Feast of Sts. Jude and Simon

Thursday- Feast of St. Alphonsus Rodriguez
40th anniversary of the Internet.
Calendar for November will go home today.

Friday- Halloween at OLQM
Halloween Parade at 8:30 AM by students
in PreK and Kindergarten throughout the
Parents welcome to join in the
8th grade will have a Halloween Cake Sale and
all classes will have Halloween Parties in their
classrooms. Parents who wish to assist should
send a letter to the teacher.
The After School Program will sponsor a
Halloween Party for all students in school
please see Mrs. Ramsey if you are interested.

Saturday - Halloween
Daylight Savings time ends - turn the
clock back an hour before going to bed.

Sunday -
Class for Confirmation students 12:00 Noon
Mass for all students 1:00 PM

Final Note- It is my intention to open
the SIS (Student Information System)
Web mail for parents to
contact teachers during November. It is the
first step towards the complete opening
of the SIS system for teacher/parent/student
interaction about grades etc. Parents will
be requested to give Alba an email address
that they use regularly. Parents need to note
that we will enter only one e-mail address a year
so it should be an e-mail address that you will
have until June, 2010.
In December students will also be requested to give
Mr. Woods an e-mail address of their own so
that they will be able to review their grades.
Mr. Woods will first train the students in
January 2010 and then there will be a parent
meeting in January to explain the whole system.
Since the students are more savvy about using
e-mail and Internet web sites it is hoped that
they will assist their parents in understanding
the SIS system.
In January, Mr. Marcial will also have
the computer room open after school
to assist parents.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week of October 19th Announcements

This is National Chemistry Week

ITBS/CoGat testing will continue this
week for students in grades 1-8.

Monday- Nick meeting for 8th grade parents
5:00 PM

Tuesday - ITBS/CoGat students in grades 1-8
Nick meeting for 8th grade parents
5:00 PM

Wednesday - Nick meeting for 8th grade parents
5:00 PM
Title I Parent Meeting 8:00AM - 8:30 AM Reading Room
(in auditorium)

Thursday- Board of Health will be here to test
hearing and sight of students in grades K + 1
Nick meeting for 8th grade parents
5:00 PM

Friday- Dismissal at 2:30 PM

Monday, October 12, 2009

Announcements Week of October 13, 2009

Early Pickup of Students &
Definition of School Day

Parents were reminded on the October calendar
that the school day starts at 8:00 AM and ends at 4:00 PM.
Parents of students in grades PreK and Kindergarten
have not carefully read the Parents Handbook and/or
the October calendar defining the school day.
If you wish to pick up your child early
from school the proper procedure is to go to the school
office and sign your child out stating the time and reason
for picking up your child.
Parents and grandparents have been arriving at 3:30
expecting the teachers to stop their teaching which is
scheduled to go to 3:45 daily. The period from 3:45PM
until 4:00 PM is for cleanup and packing up book bags etc.

Beginning this week Mr. Woods will be in the auditorium
at 3:15 PM and the outside doors will be kept closed so that all
indoor doors may remain open. The auditorium doors will remain
closed until 3:55 PM wherein parents will be let in to pick
up their children. In the desire for school safety all parents or
other caregivers must remain outside the building
until the dismissal doors are opened.

Parents are reminded though that an early pickup is defined
as not completing the school day unless the child is
excused for a doctor's appointment - a note must be presented
the next day to the teacher.

Tuesday- ITBS will begin. Students in grades 1-8
are required to have 3 sharpened #2 pencils.

Wednesday- Feast of St. Callistus I
Tuition Payment due for November this week.
Parents are reminded that Report Card day is
fast approaching and that report cards will not be
distributed to children where there is an outstanding
tuition balance due.

4th grade students will be administered a computer
survey questionnaire on line regarding their
computer knowledge by Mr. Marcial and the staff
of the Title IId grant.

Thursday- Feast of St.Teresa of Avila

Friday- Dismissal at 2:30 PM
World Food Day

Sunday - Class for students in Communion Class
at 12:00 noon in the main office area.
Mass for all students in sacramental program
at 1:00 PM

Monday, October 5, 2009

Week of October 5, 2009

A reminder to parents that Candy bars are available in the tuition office to assist you in your fund raising efforts.

This week is Fire Prevention Week - during this week you should review with your child how to exit your apartment should there be a fire and where to wait to meet you. This would also be a good week to check the batteries on your smoke alarm and carbon dioxide meters in your home.

Next week begins the ITBS (Iowa Test of Basic Skills) testing. All students in grades 1-8 will need 3 or 4 sharpened # 2 pencils to take the test. Please make sure your child goes to bed early next week and has breakfast each day WITHOUT rushing. All doctor appointments etc. should be canceled for the week of ITBS exams.

Wednesday- Test Papers will be distributed by Mr. Woods to students in grades 5-8.

Thursday - Fireman Bill will be here to review safety procedures.
Assemblies will be in the auditorium and parents are welcome to attend.
9:00 AM Grades PreK, Kindergarten and First Grades
9:30 AM - Grades 2, 3 & 4
10:00 AM - Grades 5-8

Test Papers will be distributed to students in grades K-4 by Mr. Woods they should be signed and returned to the classroom teacher.

Friday - Dismissal at 2:30 PM

Sunday - Mass for all students in sacramental program 1:00 PM. All students are required to sit with the class and parents are requested to sit behind the classes.

- Columbus Day School Closed. After School Program is Open and is having a trip if you are interested please see Mrs. Ramsey in the After School Program.