Monday, November 26, 2012

Dear Parent or Guardian:

You recently received a letter from our Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Timothy McNiff, with another progress report on the regionalization plan being implemented across the archdiocese. As that letter indicated, local ad hoc Reconfiguration Committees in the non-pilot regions, made up of lay members and clergy from the area, have been evaluating each regionalized school in their respective communities, including ours. The purpose of that review is to analyze the current status of each school, as well as its long-term viability, with the goal of ensuring that a Catholic education is available to any child who wishes one throughout the archdiocese.

As you may recall, the emphasis placed on this local decision-making process was outlined in Pathways to Excellence, the strategic plan for Catholic schools published in October 2010 and developed to assure a vibrant future for Catholic education. Under that plan, most parish elementary schools will align into geographic regions governed by Boards. The analysis that has been undertaken by these local decision-making ad hoc Reconfiguration Committees includes examining all relevant data, including enrollment, financial, academic and local demographics, and ensures their decisions will result in financially healthy schools. The long-term goal of regionalization is to maintain sustainable, excellent, local school options for families wishing a Catholic education. At this time, based on their careful review, the ad hoc Reconfiguration Committees have identified several schools in the archdiocese that are at-risk of closure. Fortunately, your child’s school is not among them. We are sending this letter to you, however, to keep you informed of these developments.

In the next step of this process, pastors and principals of at-risk schools will be invited to meet with members of their Reconfiguration Committee discuss the combination of factors that led their school to be included on the list and share any insights and information that may be helpful in this process. The final decisions by the local Reconfiguration Committees will be announced in January 2013, following consultation with the archdiocese.

As a result of this process, our school may be welcoming new students affected by these changes. We know that you and our school community will do all we can to make these children and families feel at home.

Whatever the outcome, it is the goal of local ad hoc Reconfiguration Committees and the Archdiocese of New York to ensure that every child who wants a Catholic education will continue to have access to one. This regionalization initiative reflects the great progress we have made in the multi-year implementation of Pathways to Excellence, and aims to both stabilize and grow the number of Catholic schools across the Archdiocese of New York, with the ultimate goal of eliminating the need for future school closures.

I ask that you, as part of our community of faith, join us in prayer and contemplation during the coming days, as we continue to focus on strengthening our school system and elevating the spirits of the children in our care. Our doors are always open to answer any questions you may have and additional information can be found on


Rev. Antonio Alomte, pastor

Andrew G. Woods, principal

Estimado padre, madre o tutor:

Hace poco usted recibió una carta de nuestro Superintendente de Escuelas, el Dr. Timothy McNiff, con un nuevo informe sobre el progreso del plan de regionalización que se está implementado en toda la arquidiócesis. Tal como surge de la carta, las comisiones de Reconfiguración ad hoc a nivel local de las regiones no piloto, conformadas por laicos y sacerdotes del área, han estado evaluando cada escuela regionalizada de sus respectivas comunidades, incluida la nuestra. El propósito de esa revisión es analizar el estado actual de cada escuela, así como su viabilidad a largo plazo, con el objetivo de garantizar que todo niño de la arquidiócesis que desee recibir una educación católica pueda acceder a ella.

Como recordará, el énfasis puesto en este proceso de toma de decisiones a nivel local fue delineado en Caminos hacia la Excelencia, el plan estratégico para escuelas católicas publicado en octubre de 2010 y diseñado con el fin de garantizar un futuro brillante para la educación católica. Conforme a ese plan, la mayoría de las escuelas parroquiales de educación primaria se agruparán en regiones geográficas bajo la dirección de juntas. El análisis que realizan estas comisiones de Reconfiguración ad hoc, encargadas de tomar decisiones a nivel local, incluye el examen de todos los datos relevantes, entre otros los de tipo financiero, académico, demográfico y los relacionados con la inscripción, y garantiza que las decisiones que se tomen den lugar a escuelas financieramente sólidas. Nuestro objetivo a largo plazo es mantener opciones de escuelas locales sostenibles y de excelencia académica para todas aquellas familias que deseen una educación católica para sus hijos. En este momento, las comisiones de Reconfiguración ad hoc, después de realizar una minuciosa revisión, han identificado varias escuelas de la arquidiócesis que están en riesgo de ser cerradas. Afortunadamente, la escuela de su hijo no está entre ellas y el propósito de estas líneas es, simplemente, mantenerlo informado sobre estos avances.

El próximo paso en este proceso será invitar a los párrocos y los directores de las escuelas en riesgo a reunirse con los miembros de la Comisión de Reconfiguración que corresponda para tratar la combinación de factores que condujeron a sus respectivas escuelas a formar parte de la lista y compartir opiniones y toda información que pueda ser útil en este esfuerzo. Las comisiones de Reconfiguración a nivel local tomarán las decisiones finales que luego serán anunciadas en enero de 2013, después de consultar con la arquidiócesis.

Como resultado de este proceso, nuestra escuela podría estar recibiendo nuevos alumnos, concretamente, aquellos afectados por estos cambios. Sabemos que tanto usted como nuestra comunidad escolar harán todo lo posible para que estos niños y sus familias se sientan como en su casa.

Cualquiera sea el resultado, las comisiones especiales de Reconfiguración locales y la Arquidiócesis de Nueva York tienen como objetivo garantizar que todo niño que desee una educación católica pueda continuar recibiéndola. Esta iniciativa de regionalización refleja el gran progreso que hemos logrado en la implementación de Caminos hacia la Excelencia y pretende estabilizar y aumentar el número de escuelas católicas en toda la Arquidiócesis de Nueva York, con el objetivo final de eliminar la necesidad de cierre de escuelas en el futuro

Le pido que, como parte de nuestra comunidad de fe, se una a nosotros en oración y contemplación durante los días venideros mientras nos concentramos en fortalecer nuestro sistema escolar y elevar el espíritu de los niños confiados a nuestro cuidado. Nuestras puertas están siempre abiertas para cualquier consulta que desee realizar y en caso de necesitar información adicional puede visitar la página


Rev. Antonio Almonte, pastor

Andrew G. Woods, principal

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Week of November 25, 2012 Announcements

Thank you.
It is hoped that everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving.
Students in grades 5-8 distributed 200 turkeys and thousands of cans of food to the poor of the parish last Wednesday after Mass.
All students and parents are thanked for their assistance in this yearly mission to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Christmas Vacation Dates
Many parents have called requesting the dates for Christmas vacation. I have not issued a yearly calendar this year because of proposed Common Core Workshops for the teachers which were moved a number of times. I apologize for this inconvenience but as it turned out I was correct in not publishing a yearly calendar because it would have been changed a number of times already and it is only November.
Christmas Vacation will begin at dismissal on December 21, 2012. Students will return to school on Thursday January 3, 2013.
There are some parents who take extended Christmas vacations - as a reminder any tests that are administered whether weekly quizzes, unit tests etc. will not be made up if the child is absent.

Christmas Plays
In order to make up for academic time lost due to Hurricane Sandy there will be no Christmas Plays this year. There will be Spring Plays held in May.

Common Core State Standards
EngageNY has a whole new look with a Parent link for resources to help your children.
Parents should keep abreast of the New York State Education changes that are occuring by becoming a member of EngageNY. Just google EngageNY.

Season of Advent
The Season of Advent begins Sunday December 2nd. Advent is a time of preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and as such should be a time of reflection and prayer just as important as Lent.
Students in the Confirmation Class will be coming together each morning during Advent at 7:30 AM for Morning Prayer and each afternoon before dismissal for Evening Prayer. Parents wishing to join the class may meet with them in Church.

Alumni Reunion
If you as a parent graduated from OLQM and did not receive a newsletter in the last two weeks please let Alba in the office know or e-mail Mr. Woods at There will be an 80th anniversary celebration wherein alumni of OLQM come together. If you also know other gradates who would like to receive school newsletters pass on the information to them for us.

Communion Program
Mr. Woods apologizes to parents regarding the mix up of class dates.
If your child was absent it will not be counted against their 3 absences.

Monday November 26th-

Tuesday November 27th-
Feast of Saints Barlaam & Josaphat
Reading Coach will be working with the children in grades 4, 6 & 8

Wednesday November 28th-
Mathematics coach will be working with the children of grades 4, 6 & 8

Thursday November 29th-

Friday November 30th- EARLY DISMISSAL DAY 12:00 noon
Feast of St. Andrew
Faculty Meeting

Sunday December 2nd - First Sunday of Advent
Sacrament of Reconciliation Classes 12:00 noon
Mass at 1:00 PM for all students

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Week of November 19, 2012 Announcements

Please read letter from Dr. McNiff, the superintendent of schools for the Archdiocese of New York that is posted below. You may need to click the link on the right column that says Superintendent of Schools.

Monday - November 19th
Map a Month Due
Canned Foods for distribution to the poor of the parish.

Tuesday - November 20th
Religion Fair 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Parents invited to attend.
Fr. Antonio will be be the judge.

Reading Coach will be in grades one, four, six
and eight today to assist in the implementation of
the Common Core Curriculum for those grades.
Canned Foods for distribution to the poor of the parish.

Wednesday - November 21st
Mass at 9:00 led by the students of the 7th grade.
Mass of Thanksgiving.

Distribution of Turkeys and canned foods to the
poor of the parish by the Confirmation Class after Mass.

Thursday - Thanksgiving

Friday - School Closed

Sunday - November 25th
Feast of Christ the King
No Classes
Mass for all students at 1:00 PM


1011 First Avenue,
NewYork, NewYork 10022
Phone: (212) 371-1000 Fax: (212) 758-3018

November 16, 2012

Dear Parents,
I hope this letter finds you and your family well and recovering from the effects of Hurricane Sandy. I apologize for the late notice of this communication which was delayed due to the storm. Please know our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
I would like to take this opportunity to update you on developments in the implementation of our regionalization plan. The Boards of the new
pilot regions for the schools of the Archdiocese of New York, located in Rockland, Staten Island and the Northwest and South Bronx, are now fully operational. These Boards were created as part of the multi-year regionalization process which will align most parish elementary schools into geographic regions. As one of their most important tasks, the pilot boards, composed of both clergy and laity, have begun their comprehensive review of the current status and long term viability of the schools in their respective regions.
This review will include all relevant data, including enrollment, financial, academic and local demographics, allowing the Boards to make fully
informed and necessary decisions that will result in financially healthy schools. The Boards will also consider the best allocation of resources, with the goal of maintaining sustainable, local school options for every family who wishes a Catholic education.
In the non-pilot regions of the archdiocese, ad hoc "Reconfiguration Committees," composed of local clergy and members of the laity, have been appointed to mirror the evaluation process being done by the pilot Boards. The pastors serving as Chairman of the non-pilot Reconfiguration Committees are:

• Orange/Ulster/Sullivan -Rev. Thomas Byrnes, Sacred Heart in Monroe
• Northern Westchester/Putnam- Rev. Msgr. George Thompson, Saint Patrick in Bedford
• Central Westchester- Rev. Msgr. Dennis Keane, Annunciation in Crestwood
• Northeast/East Bronx- Rev. Stephen Norton, Saint Benedict
• Manhattan - Rev. Msgr. Lawrence Connaughton, Saint John the Martyr, Saint John Nepomucene
• Dutchess- Rev. Msgr. Francis Bellew, Saint Mary in Wappingers Falls

Their work on a Reconfiguration Committee is separate and distinct from application and approval for the non-pilot region Boards of Trustees. Candidates for all non-pilot Boards of Trustees will be vetted and approved in a separate process during the winter and spring of 2013.
Pilot region Boards and Reconfiguration Committees have respectively begun to analyze each school region and will continue their review through mid-November. Following the timeline of previous reconfiguration process for the schools of the archdiocese, any school identified as "at­ risk" for possible closure, after careful review by respective pilot region boards or Reconfiguration Committees, will be informed of their status in late November.
In addition, given the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Sandy on Staten Island, the Board of Trustees and the Office of the Superintendent of Schools for the Archdiocese of New York are engaging local pastors, principals, administrators and elected officials in continuing, in-depth discussions regarding how to best serve the needs of Catholic school families and students on Staten Island as we evaluate the original late November timeline for "at-risk" notification. The results of these ongoing local discussions will be announced shortly.
I remain deeply grateful to our parent community, which has demonstrated patience and a strong commitment to Catholic education during this rigorous and sometimes painful process. Your support, and that of our dedicated pastors, principals and teachers, is of the utmost importance to me and I am confident that regionalization will help to ensure that a Catholic education is available to any child that wishes one throughout the archdiocese.
I will, of course, keep you informed as the process unfolds, and invite you to visit the Superintendent of Schools websi.te: for up-to-date information.

Timothy J. McNiff, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools

Monday, November 12, 2012

TWO HALF DAYS THIS WEEK - Please read carefully.

Report Card Day- Tuesday November 13th
Early Dismissal Day 12:00 NOON

Report Cards and Honors will be distributed by Fr. Antonio
at the following assemblies:

Grades 5-8 at 9:00 AM
Grades 1-4 at 9:30 AM

Kindergarten will be distributed in the classroom at
10:00 AM for parents wishing to attend.

Parent Teacher Conferences
2:00 PM - 7:00 PM - you are asked to please limit
your time talking to your child's teacher to approximately 10 minutes.
If there is a need to talk longer to your child's teacher ---- please
speak to the teacher about setting up a mutually agreeable time
to meet.
Grades 1-8 will meet in the school auditorium.
PreK and Kindergarten teachers will meet in their classrooms.
Mr. Woods will be in the school auditorium if there are
any questions.

Superintendent's Common Core State Standards Meeting -
November 15, 2012
Dismisissal at 11:00 AM

The meeting that was cancelled last week has been rescheduled
for Thursday November 15th.
Dismissal on Thursday will be at 11:00 AM to allow
time for the teacher's to travel to the training site.
After School Program will be in session that day and parents
who may need the After School Program for the day should see
Mrs. Resto in the tuition office.

Canned Food Drive
During November canned foods are being collected for
distribution by the Confirmation Class to the poor of the
Please try to send your donation in this week so that
they may be packed over the weekend as distribution will
be next week.

Tuesday - November 13th - Feast of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini
Dismissal at 12:00 noon
Report Card Day

Wednesday- Canned Foods

Thursday- Feast of St. Albert the Great
Dismissal at 11:00 AM
Superintendent's Conference on Common Core State Standards

Friday- Feast of St. Margaret of Scotland

Sunday- 12:00 noon Confirmation Class
1:00 PM - Mass for all students.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Class Picture Day - Tuesday
November 6, 2012

All students should be in full dress uniform for picture day.
Students may bring their gym uniform in a bag to change.

Tuition Suspension Day - Cancelled
Due to hurricane Sandy tuition suspension day is cancelled.
A reminder, though, that Report Cards are being
distributed on November 13th. No report card will be
distributed if there is an outstanding balance on the
tuition account from Smart tuition. Please check your
balance with Smart Tuition.

Early Dismissal Day Thursday November 8th ----------11:00 AM
This Thursday there is a Common Core Workshop scheduled for the teachers.
Dismissal on Thursday will be at 11:00 AM to give ample time for the
teachers to travel to the Workshop.
Parents in need of child care in the After School Program
should see Mrs. Resto in the tuition office or Mr. Placido, the
director of the After School Program.

Yearly Calendar Update
Mr. Woods is waiting for direction regarding the days that school
was closed by Mayor Bloomberg and the NYS Department of Education.
As soon as information is obtained and dates set it will be posted
here for parents.

Monday November 5, 2012
First Quarter ends today

Tuesday November 6, 2012 - Election Day

Group Picture Day - all students in full dress uniform.
Look as clean and polished as you did on the first
day of school.

Wednesday November 7, 2012
If you need the After School Program for Thursday please
see Mrs. Resto or Mr. Placido by today or call the office
at 212-567-3190

Thursday November 8, 2012 ----EARLY DISMISSAL DAY 11:00 AM

Friday November 9, 2012
TACHS exam for 8th grade students.

Saturday November 10, 2012
Mr. Woods will meet with parents regarding tuition from
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM.

Sunday November 11, 2012

No Classes today.
Mass at 1:00 PM for all students in sacramental program.
Parent Meetings regarding tuition 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Monday November 12, 2012 Veteran's Day
School Closed