Sunday, November 25, 2018

Week of November 26, 2018

PreK Developmental Survey
Parents of students in all the PreK programs will be receiving Developmental Surveys in January and June.
Mr. Woods apologizes for the confusion this past Tuesday. 
All PreK students will receive portfolio assessments at the end of the quarters in November and March when the older students receive a report card.
Educate (Cornerstone) does not keep a running record of student's progress for PreK students. Parents of all PreK students should check in periodically with their child's teacher should they have concerns about their child's academic progress.

Parents and students are thanked for the generous outpouring for the outreach program at St. Patrick's home in the Bronx.
There were 1760 cans of food collected and 15 turkeys were purchased through dress down day collections on Fridays.
The canned food and the turkeys were delived to the home through the concerted efforts of Mr. Placido, Ms. Serewko, Ms. Wong, Freddy and the students of the Confirmation Class.
Students of the 5th grade were the winners of the canned food drive having brought in 335 cans and will be having a pizza party this week for their effort.

November 28, 2018 
For all students entering Kindergarten.
Students in:
 Mrs. Rodriguez's Class
Mrs. Gonzalez's Class
Ms. McGarry's Class
Mrs. Serbones' Class
Scholarships are available for Kindergarten
Apply Now
for more information please see Alba or Mr. Guzman in the school office.

Re-Opens Tuesday November 27, 2018
Parents are reminded that they should keep up to date with their child's academic progress by checking their account on a weekly basis.  
Check to see -
 Homework completed, missing, incomplete
Class participation
Exit or Entrance ticket quizzes
Projects completed -- especially for students in grades 3-8 on Google Classroom
Test grades.

Should parents need a login and password please contact 
Mr. Guzman in the school office from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM.
The next Progress Report will be distributed on January 11, 2019  

Christmas Break 
December 20, 2018 - January 3, 2019 
The Christmas break will begin on  Wednesday December 19th at dismissal for all students in OLQM and resume on 
Wednesday January 3, 2019

PreK For All Students
Christmas break will begin on Thursday December 20, 2018 at dismissal and school will resume on 
Wednesday January 3, 2019 

Monday December 26, 2018
Early Dismissal Day - 12:00 noon - Faculty Meeting 
After School Program will be in session 
FDNY will be here to check the school kitchen today at 8:00 AM along with staff from the Archdiocese of New York's Child Nutrition Program.
PreK For All Dismissal at 3:15 PM 

Tuesday November 27, 2018
Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center Neighborhood Fund Awards Ceremony. Students of the Regents class will receive the award in the name of OLQM for upkeep of the science program.

Wednesday November 28, 2018
Registration for students entering Kindergarten 
and NEW students in Grades 1-8 opens today. 
Please see note above.
Please see Alba or Mr. Guzman for assistance.
Mr. Woods will be at NWEA MAP training for the day.

Thursday November 29, 2018
Please login and see your child's progress on TADS Educate. If there is a problem with your login or password please see 
Mr. Guzman. 

Friday November 30, 2018   Feast of St. Andrew

Sunday December 1, 2018 - First Sunday of Advent
Regents Class 10:00 AM
Mass for all stduents in sacramental program 1:00 PM 

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Week of November 19, 2018 Announcements

Image result for peanuts thanksgiving

School Thanksgiving Mass
Wednesday 9:00 AM led by students of the 4th grade 
Parents Welcome   

Mickey Mouse Dress Up Day
Monday November 19, 2018 
Celebration of their birthday on November 18th  
Students may dress up in a Mickey Mouse/Minnie Mouse outfit instead of their uniform today.
There will be NO contest held this year.

Ends Wednesday November 21st
The canned foods and turkeys will be delivered by the Confirmation Class to St. Patrick's Home outreach program in the Bronx.
The class with the largest amount of collected cans will have a pizza party so far K-1 is in the lead as of Friday.

November 20th 
3:00 PM - 8:00 PM 
Dismissal on Tuesday for ALL students is at 12:00 noon.
After School Program in Session 
All PreK Class Conferences will be held in the child's classroom.
K-1 - Miss Ocasion in her classroom
Grades 1-8 and K-2 will be held in the school lunchroom
PWC - Price Waterhouse Copper will have a table in the lunchroom to explain their financial literacy program that they are covering with students in grades 3-8.
Mr. Woods and Mr. Guzman will be in the library on the second floor.

Snow Day Policy 
Our Lady Quen of Martyrs School is open when there is snow UNLESS Mayor DiBlasio closes New York City Schools.
If there is a snow day then that day will be made up from one of the snow days programmed into the school calendar.

All forms are due by December 10th so that they may be loaded into the New York State Immunization Report.
Students who are missing the health forms and immunizations may be restricted from class by the NYSDOH (New York State Department of Health)  -- just ask some of the present
 7th graders who were sent home last year by the state inspector.

Monday November 19th
Celebration of Mickey and Minnie Mouse's Birthday.
Students may dress up instead of wearing their school uniform.

Tuesday November 20th - Early Dismissal Day 12:00 NOON 
After School Program in Session 
Parent Teacher Conferences 3:00 PM - 8:00 PM 
Please see the note above.

Wednesday November 21, 2018
Thanksgiving Mass 9:00 AM led by the students of the 4th grade.
Parents Welcome.

Thursday & Friday - School Closed Thanksgiving Holiday 

Sunday November 25, 2018 
Holiday Weekend students attend Mass with their parents 

Monday November 26, 2018 
Early Dismissal Day - 12:00 noon Faculty Meeting 
After School Program in session 

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Week of November 12, 2018

Native American Heritage Class Presentations 
Parents Welcome
PreK For All
Mrs. Gonzalez. Ms. MsGarry, Mrs. Serbones 
Wednesday November 14, 2018
9:00 AM 

Grades K, 1, 2 and 3 
Ms. Oscasio, Ms. Sanchez, Ms. Saville, Ms. Coello & Ms. Wong
Thursday November 15, 2018
9:00 AM 

Grades PreK-1, PreK-2 and Grades 4-8
Mrs. Fundora, Mrs. Rodriguez, Mrs. Toscano, Ms. Serewko, Mr Montas, Mr. Placido
Friday November 16, 2018 
9:00 AM

Report Card Day Assembly
Honors Assembly
Friday November 16, 2018
1:30 PM 
Parents Welcome
Fr. Cruz will distribute report cards

Monday November 12, 2018 - Veteran's Day 
School closed

Tuesday November 13, 2018 Feast of St. Frances Cabrini 

Wednesday November 14, 2018
PreK For All Native American Heritage Presentation 9:00 AM
Parents Welcome

Thursday November 15, 2018 Feast St. Albert the Great 
Native American Heritage Presentation 9:00 AM
Grades K-3 

Friday November 16, 2018 
Native American Heritage Presentation 9:00 AM
PreK-1, PreK -2 and Grades 4-8
Report Card  and Honors Assembly 1:30 PM 
Parents Welcome

Sunday November 17, 2018
Living Environment Class 10:00 AM
Mass for students in sacramental program 1:00 PM
Mr. Woods available for parent meetings 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM no appointment needed.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Week of November 5, 2018 Announcements

to assist the outreach program of St. Patrick's Home 

Tuesday November 6, 2018
Picture money envelopes are due to Mrs. Resto by 
Monday November 5th.
Students are to wear dress up clothes/or school uniform.
No jeans, ripped clothes, teddy bears etc.

Friday November 9, 2018
The first quarter will end on Friday November 9th.
 Grades will be calculated by the Educate system based on the guidelines defined in the Parent Handbook.
The system will be turned off for parent access beginning 
Monday November 5th and will be turned on after report card distribution.
Native American Heritage Music & Thanksgiving 
Music Presentations 
9:00 AM
Wednesday November 14th - PreK For All
Mrs. Gonzalez, Ms. McGarry, Mrs. Serbones classes

Thursday November 15th - Grades 1-3
Ms. Saville, Ms. Coello, Ms. Wong

Friday November 16th - PreK -1 & PreK -2
Grades 4-8
Mrs. Fundora, Mrs. Rodriguez
Mrs. Toscano, Mr. Montas, Ms. Serewko, Mr. Placido

Friday, November 16th 
Report Card Assembly Grades 1-8
1:30 PM 
Fr. Cruz will distribute Report Cards and Honors Certificates
Parents Welcome

Monday November 5, 2018
Tuition Due to Smart Tuition 

Tuesday November 6, 2018 
Individual Picture Day 

Wednesday November 7, 2018
Reminder to check balance on tuition as all tuition must be up to date by November 16th for students to receive their report card.

Thursday November 8, 2018
PreK For All Coach will work with students and teachers today.

Friday November 9, 2018
End of First Quarter

Saturday November 10, 2018 Feast of St. Leo the Great

Sunday November 11, 2018 
Holiday Weekend - students attend Mass with their parents.

Monday November 12, 2018 - Veteran's Day