Monday, August 30, 2021

September Announcements


Health and Safety Screening

A Health and Safety Screening form will be sent to parents via USPS mail today Monday August 30, 2021

The form must be filled out before your child enters school on September 8, 2021. 

Please bring the form with you on the first day of school. 

September 2021 Calendar 

September 7th - Opening Parent Zoom meetings. 

Please check the times below.

Registration for After School Program in school office.

September 8th - Opening Day of School 8:00 AM - 3:15 PM.

Students enter through lunchroom.

PreK For All Students 1/2 orientation day.

Students enter through Church doors

September 9th - Early Drop off begins - 7:00 AM 

PreK For All Program 1/2 day orientation 

September 10th - Early Drop off at 7:00 AM 

PreK For All 1/2 day orientation

Sunday September 12th - Registration for Sacramental Program for the 

Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation                11:00 AM - 1:00 PM 

Monday September 13th - After School Program begins.

Tuesday September 14th - Feast of the Triump of the Cross

Wednesday September 15th - Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

Opening School Mass at 9:00 AM

Hispanic Heritage Month begins.

Thursday September 16th - Feast of Sts. Cornelius and Cyprian 

Friday - September 17th - Parent Signature Pages due

Sunday September 19th - Registration for Sacramental Program 11:00 AM -1:00 PM 

Monday September 20th - Early Dismissal Day 12:00 noon 

Faculty Meeting

PreK For All Dismissal at 3:00 PM 

Tuesday September 21 - Feast of St. Matthew, evangelist

Wednesday September 22nd - Autumn begins

Thursday September 23rd - Feast St. Pio

Friday September 24th - Feast of Our Lady of Mercy 

Sunday September 26th - Students in Sacramental Program attend Mass with 

Mr. Woods at 1:00 PM 

Monday September 27th - NWEA MAP testing begins Grades K-8.

Tuesday September 28th - Updated student medical forms due.

Wednesday September 29th

Feast of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael

Thursday September 30th - Feast of St. Jerome 

Friday October 1, 2021 - Last day for updated medical forms.

Yearly Calendar

The yearly calendar has been posted at the top of this blog. Please hit the tab at the top of the blog which will then take you to the school website where the blog has been posted. 

Thursday, August 5, 2021

 Preliminary Announcements

Many parents have called requesting information about the opening week of school.
As of today:

Opening Parent Meetings via Zoom  
you will receive information the first week of September about login information for Zoom.
 Tuesday September 7, 2021
9:00 AM - PreK For All 3 year old program
10:00 AM - PreK For All 4 year old program
11:00 AM - PreK -1 - Mrs. Rodriguez's class
12:00 noon - Grades 6-8
1:00 PM - Grade 1 
2:00 PM - Grades 2-5
3:00 PM - Kindergarten

First Day of School 
All students in all grades will be required to wear masks.
Wednesday September 8, 2021
7:45 AM 
Students in grades K-8 will enter through the lunchroom.
Students will have their temperature as they enter the auditorium. 
As per CDC (Center for Disease Control) guidelines 
No parents will be permitted past the front door of the auditorium.
Dismissal for K-8 students will be at 3:15 PM 

PreK-1 - Mrs. Rodriguez's class are to arrive at 
8:30 AM through Church doors.
Again, no parents will be permitted past the temperature station.
Dismissal for Mrs. Rodriguez's class will be at 3:15 PM 

PreK For all Classes
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 
September 8th; September 9th; September 10th 
Ms. McGarry will notify parents which time slot their child will be assigned for the first three days of school.
1/2 class 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
1/2 class 10:30 AM -12:00 noon 

Early Drop Off 
7:00 AM drop off begins September 9th.
Students enter through lunchroom and will sit in cohorts per class. Reminder that teachers do not arrive until 7:45 AM.
Again, parents for early drop off will not be permitted to enter the lunchroom.

After School Program
Registration for After School Program will begin 
September 1, 2021 in the school office.
After School Program fees will be billed through Smart Tuition and are due the 5th of each month. 
The two programs available are:
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM - monthly fee $220.00
3:00 PM - 7:00 PM - monthly fee $320.00
Student pick up will be through the school auditorium and parents will not be permitted to enter past the front door of the auditorium.
If you have questions regarding the after school program please call Mr. Guzman at 212-567-3190