Sunday, November 28, 2010

Week of November 29, 2010 Announcements

First Week of Advent

Memory Awakens Hope. . . . . . . . .

"Advent is concerned with that very connection between memory and hope
which is so necessary to man. Advent’s intention is to awaken
the most profound and basic emotional memory within us,
namely, the memory of the God who became a child.
This is a healing memory; it brings hope.
The purpose of the Church’s year is continually to rehearse
her great history of memories, to awaken the heart’s memory
so that it can discern the star of hope.…

It is the beautiful task of Advent to awaken in all of us
memories of goodness and thus to open doors of hope.
Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Seek That Which Is Above,1986

Cardinal Ratzinger is the present Pope Benedict XVI

Students in PreK, Kindergarten and First Grade will
have gym classes on Thursdays beginning this week.
Please make sure your child is dressed in gym clothes
on Thursdays.

Monday -
December calendars will be sent home with your child today.
Students in grades 4-8 will receive MAP-A-MONTH to
be completed by December 15th.

Tuesday- Feast of St. Andrew

Wednesday 12/1- World AIDS Awareness Day

Thursday 12/2 -
PreK, Kindergarten and First Grade have
gym classes.

Friday 12/3 - Early Dismissal Day 12:00 noon
Feast of St. Francis Xavier
Faculty Meeting
Parents in need of after school care for the
early dismissal should see Mrs. Ramsey or
the tuition staff.
Word Wall Test

Sunday - Confirmation Class 12:00 noon
Mass for all students at 1:00 PM

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Week of November 21, 2010 Announcements

Let us remember that, as much has been given us,
much will be expected from us,
and that true homage comes from the heart
as well as from the lips,
and shows itself in deeds.

~Theodore Roosevelt

ITBS (Iowa Test of BASIC Skills) and
New York State Tests

On Monday November 21st your child's
ITBS scores will be sent home.
Many parents have been concerned with test scores
the past number of years, believing that
one test says it all for their child.
No child's progress should be based on
one test score and that is why both
the ITBS tests and NYS tests are
administered to the children of

A child's academic progress should
be be analyzed using multiple measures
of success:
Norm Referenced Tests
Criterion Referenced Tests
Classroom Performance
Formative Assessment and
Portfolio Assessment

The ITBS is a norm referenced test
which means that your child is compared
via their test scores with thousands of
children across the United States who
are the same age. The scores of this
battery of tests are used as a diagnostic
tool by your child's teacher
in determining the academic needs
that can be addressed this year with your child.

New York State tests are criterion referenced
tests which means they are based on specific
curriculum benchmarks as determined by the
State Education Department. The New York
State curriculum deals in two specific strands
K-4 and 5-8.

The easiest way to understand the ITBS results
for parents is to look for the
Stanine Score listed.
A score of 1, 2, or 3 indicates that your
child is below level.
A score of 4, 5, or 6 indicates that your
child is in the average range.
A score of 7, 8, 9 indicates that your
child is above average.

What is the single most important analysis
of scores that the media does not tell
parents about scores is "Has there been
academic growth?"

Each child is unique and the question you
as their parent should ask - has my child
grown one year in their Reading, Mathematics
skills? This is the single most important factor.

If your child has not grown academically then
why is that so.

If your child was average last year and this
year is below level this is a cause of concern
which you as parent must address.

After looking at your child's scores should you
have questions please feel free to make an
appointment to see Mr. Woods or stop in any Sunday
after Mass. Mr. Woods can look at the scores
from last year's test (October, 2009) and then
this year's test score (October 2010)
and assist you in analyzing both scores.

Monday- ITBS test scores will be sent home.

Tuesday- 6th grade cake sale

Thanksgiving Mass at 9:00 Am led by the students
of the 5th grade. Parents Welcome

Distribution of turkeys and canned food to the
needy of the parish by the Confirmation Class.

Thursday- Thanksgiving - School Closed
Friday - Thanksgiving Holiday - School Closed

Sunday - First Sunday of Advent
Mass for all students at 1:00 PM
No classes.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Week of November 15, 2010 Announcements

November 14th-November 20th is
Bullying Awareness Week
This year's theme is:
"Stand Up! (to bullying)"
As part of the NYS Education Law that
was signed into law by Governor Paterson
this past September your child will receive
instruction on the dangers of bullying.

Report Card Week
Report cards will be distributed by Fr.Almonte
on Thursday November 18th.
Parents are reminded that tuition must be
current for your child to receive their
Report Card. Parents should see the tuition
staff regarding any concerns.
There will be Parent-Teacher Conferences
on Thursday from 2:00 PM until 7:00 PM.
Mr. Woods will be in the auditorium if
parents have concerns.
Dismissal on Thursday will be at 12:00 noon.
Parents needing child care for Thursday
should see Mrs. Ramsey or the tuition staff.

Feast of St. Albert the Great
Patron saint of scientists.

Feast of St.Margaret of Scotland

Feast of St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Report Card Day
Dismissal at 12:00 noon
Report Card Assemblies
Parents Welcome to attend
9:00 AM Grades 5,6,7 and 8
9:30 AM Grades 1, 2, 3, and 4
10:00 AM Kindergarten
Parent Teacher Conferences
2:00 PM-7:00 PM

Feast of St. Agnes of Assisi

Sunday November 21st
Reconciliation Class
12:00 noon
Mass for all students at 1:00 PM

11:00 AM-4:00 PM
SIS (Student Information System)
training for parents.

Reminder that cans foods are needed for
distribution to the needy of the parish by the
Confirmation Class on Wednesday.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A letter from Fr. Almonte & Mr. Woods

Dear Parent or Guardian:

We hope this letter finds you and your family well.

As you may be aware, enrollment at many schools in the Archdiocese of New York has been declining for a number of years despite our best efforts to provide an excellent education, grounded in the Catholic faith.

As you know, the archdiocese’s strategic plan Pathways to Excellence, which was published in October, was developed as a roadmap for an academically excellent, fully enrolled Catholic school system. One of the recommendations of Pathways to Excellence was to create a Reconfiguration Committee, composed of pastors, principals, parents and representatives from the archdiocese. The committee began its work in July of this year and was charged with evaluating 185 archdiocesan and parish elementary schools, and challenged secondary schools, and with making recommendations as to their long-term viability.

There are multiple challenges facing schools that the committee has defined as at risk. “At-risk” means that a school has required significant support from the archdiocese to meet its financial obligations primarily due to declining enrollment and tuition. This archdiocesan support is not sustainable long-term, and therefore it could be reduced or withdrawn. This committee has identified several schools that are at-risk. Fortunately, your child’s school is not among them. We are sending this letter to you, however, to outline the process that many other schools in the archdiocese are undergoing.

In the next step of this process, pastors and principals of the at-risk schools will be invited to meet with members of the committee to discuss the combination of factors that led their school to be included on the list. They will be given the opportunity to share local insights that might be relevant in the evaluation process, and be invited to present a proposal for their school’s long-term sustainability. This effort will be critical to the committee’s final recommendation, so that no stone is left unturned in this collaborative evaluation process. If, at the end of the process, this designation remains unchanged, a school would have its archdiocesan subsidy eliminated or reduced significantly.

As a result of this process, our school may be welcoming new students affected by these changes. We know that you and our school community will do all we can to make these children and families feel at home. Whatever the outcome, the archdiocese has assured us that every child who wants a Catholic education will continue to have access to one.

We will keep you informed as these developments unfold. Our doors are always open to answer any questions you may have or to alleviate any of your fears. The complete list of at-risk schools is posted on

As part of our community of faith, we ask that you join the Department of Education in prayer and contemplation during the coming days, as we continue to focus on strengthening our schools and elevating the spirits of the children in our care.

Rev. Antonio Almonte, pastor
Mr. Andrew G. Woods, principal

Querido Padre o Guardián:
Esperamos que al recibir esta carta usted y su familia se encuentren bien.
Como usted se habrá dado cuenta, las inscripciones en muchas de las escuelas en la Arquidiócesis de Nueva York, han ido declinando por un numero años a pesar de nuestros mejores esfuerzos para proveer una excelente educación, arraigada en la fe Católica.

El plan estratégico de la Arquidiócesis Camino a la Excelencia, el cual fue publicado en Octubre, fue desarrollado como una guía para seguir un sistema escolar académicamente excelente y completamente matriculado. Una de las recomendaciones para Camino a la Excelencia, fue crear un comité de Re-configuración, compuesto por los pastores, los principales, y representantes de la Arquidiócesis. El comité empezó a trabajar en Julio de este año y fue encomendado a evaluar 185 escuelas Arquidiocesanas y parroquiales, elementales, y retó a escuelas secundarias con hacer recomendaciones sobre su viabilidad a largo plazo.

El comité ha definido como de alto riesgo, las escuelas que están enfrentando muchos desafíos. “Alto riesgo” significa que una escuela ha requerido de un apoyo significativo de parte de la arquidiócesis para cubrir sus obligaciones primarias. Debido a la disminución de inscripciones y pagos. Este apoyo arquidiosesano no es sostenible a largo plazo, y por lo tanto puede ser reducido o retirado. Este comité ha identificado algunas escuelas que están en alto riesgo. Afortunadamente, la escuela de su hijo no esta entre una de esas. Le estamos enviando a usted esta carta, de cualquier modo, para explicarle por el proceso que muchas otras escuelas en la arquidiócesis están pasando.

En el próximo paso de este proceso, pastores y principales de las escuelas de alto riesgo serán invitados para reunirse con miembros del comité para discutir la combinación de factores que llevo su escuela a ser incluida en la lista. Ellos darán la oportunidad de compartir la perspicacia local que podría ser pertinente en el proceso de evaluación, y ser invitado a presentar una propuesta para el sostenimiento de su escuela, a largo plazo.
Este esfuerzo será crítico para la recomendación final del comité. Asi que ninguna piedra se quedará sin ser virada en este proceso de evaluación colaborativo. Si, al final del proceso estas designaciones continúan sin cambios, la escuela tendrá su subsidio arquidiocesano eliminado o reducido, significativamente.

Como resultado de este proceso, nuestra escuela quizás este recibiendo nuevos estudiantes,
Afectados por estos cambios. Nosotros sabemos que usted y nuestra comunidad escolar haremos todo lo posible para hacer que esos niños y sus familias se sientan como en su casa. Cualquiera que sea el resultado, la arquidiócesis nos ha asegurado que todo niño que quiera una educación Católica, continuara teniendo acceso a ella.
Nosotros les mantendremos informado según se vayan desarrollando los planes. Nuestras puertas están siempre abiertas para contestar cualquier pregunta que usted pudiera tener o para aliviar cualquiera de sus miedos. La lista de escuelas en alto riesgo puede ser encontrada a través de

Como parte de una comunidad de fe, nosotros pedimos que usted se una al Departamento de Educación, en oración y contemplación durante los proximos dias, mientras nos enfocamos en fortalecer nuestras escuelas y en elevar el espiritu de los niños a nuestro cuidado.

Padre Almonte
Senor Andres Madera

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Week of November 8, 2010 Announcements

"How important it is for us to recognize
and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!"

-Maya Angelou

Flu Shot Program
The Department of Health is offering to administer
the flu shot to students enrolled at OLQM.
Permission slips will be sent home on
Monday November 8th. They should be returned
to your child's teacher. Parents needing
assisting in completing the form should see
Alba or Mr. Woods.
No date has been set yet as the
Department of Health needs to ascertain
the number of students who will be

Map a Month due for students in grades 4-8

Kindergarten and First Grade will have
their eyes screened by the
NYC Department of Health


Feast of St. Leo the Great

Veterans Day

Feast of St. Josephat
Word Wall Test

Confirmation Class will participate
in the Ronald McDonald Children's Charity Fun Run
Parents Welcome - please see Mr. Placido.
Parents wishing to sponsor a student should
see Mr. Woods, Alba or Mr. Placido.

Sunday -
Mass for all students at 1:00 PM
Mr. Placido will be taking attendance