Saturday, December 19, 2009

Week of Decmber 21, 2009

Immediate Response Information System - IRIS
This last Friday December 18th we tested our IRIS relay.
One hundred parents were phoned or e-mailed by an
automated system indicating that we were testing the system.
The IRIS is our continuing movement into incorporating
technology to communicate with parents and students.
In the next week the system will be tested again and
before the students return on January 5th tested three more
The message that will be broad casted will be: "Mr. Woods wants
to inform you..."
This will enable us to remind you of upcoming events in school
along with the ability to broadcast to the whole parent
community if there is closing for snow or there is an
emergency. The system will only be used to broadcast to
a class group of parents or the whole school community.
It will not be used to contact an individual parent
when a child is sick.
During the Christmas break we will be entering all
phone numbers that have been recorded on the
emergency card. Should those numbers have changed
you should contact Alba as soon as possible.
When testing the system we will be notified of
which numbers have "jumped back" as inaccessible.
I will then send a note home when your child returns
on January 5th.

H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Part II
The second dose of H1N1 vaccine will be administered
by the New York City Board of Health on
Tuesday January 5th.
Only those students who received the first vaccine here
at OLQM will be able to receive the second dose.
Parents who wish to be here and in some cases need
to be here are welcome. The vaccination process
will again take place in the library on the third floor.
Please call Alba and let her know that you plan to come
so that we can place the parents with child first in line
so that the parant can get to work.

Progress Reports
Progress Reports will be sent home with your child
on Monday December 21st. They are an indication of
your child's academic performance to date.
A numerical grade of 70.00 in a subject indicates
that your child is in danger of failing the subject.

Christmas Recess
Christmas Recess will begin after dismissal on
December 22nd and school will resume on
Tuesday, January 5, 2010. A 13 day hiatus from
school should not mean that there is a 13 day
hiatus from reading. A book or two should be
read to strengthen reading comprehension/vocabulary

Monday - December 21st
Winter begins today in the Western Hermisphere
with the Winter Solstice at 12:47 PM
Posadas continues this week beginning
at 6:00 AM in Church.

Tuesday - December 22nd
Festival of Lessons and Carols 10:00 AM in Church.
Students of all grades will participate in the
tradition of listening to selected Biblical
readings and singing Christmas carols.
Parents are welcome.

Dismissal Tuesday is 12:00 NOON
There is no After School Program on

As a reminder Christmas Day and New Year's
Day are holydays of obligation wherein
Roman Catholics are obliged to attend

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Week of December 13th Announcements

Monday- School Evaluation
Feast of St. John of the Cross

Tuesday -Feast of St. Christina
9:00 AM 4th grade students will attend Mass
and then have their Confession heard.
Parents Welcome
Parents are reminded that this is the last week
for the glove drive for the homeless luncheon.
Tuition Payment for January due today.

- 9:00 AM Mass for students in grades 5 and 6
followed by Confession. Parents Welcome.
Dismissal at 12:00 noon
Posadas begins 6:00 AM

Thursday - 9:00 AM Mass for students in grade 7 followed
by Confession. Parents welcome.
Posadas 6:00 AM

Friday - Feast of St. Gatian
9:00 AM Mass for stduents in Grade 8 followed
by Confession.
Dismissal at 2:30 PM
Last day for glove drive.
Posadas 6:00 AM

Sunday- 12:00 (noon) Class for students in Reconciliation
1:00 PM - Mass for all students

H1N1 - Vaccination Program

Last Tuesday December 8th 71 students were vaccinated
for the Swine Flu by the New York City Department of Health
Phase 2 of the vaccination process will be given on our
return from the Christmas break.
A work of thanks to the parents who assisted that day.

Telephone Numbers

During the H1N1 vaccination process we needed to call
8 (eight) parents regarding questions on the vaccination form.
All 8 numbers at home were disconnected. All 8 work numbers, all
8 cell numbers were the wrong numbers and there was no way
to reach the parent.
If you have recently changed your telephone number it is
important that you let Alba know of the change or e-mail
Mr. Woods at with the new number(s)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Week of December 6th Announcements

Monday - Pearl Harbor Day

Tuesday- Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Holyday of Obligation
Mass at 9:00 AM led by the students of
the 5th grade

Administration of H1N1 vaccine to students
after Mass. Parents are welcome to be
in building when the NYC Dept of Health
administers the vaccine.

Wednesday- Feast of St. Juan Diego

Thursday - Feast of St. Gregory III

Friday - Feast of St. Damasus
Dismissal at 2:30 PM

Sunday - 12:00 noon Communion Class
1:00 Mass for all students