Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week of January 26, 2015 - Catholic Schools Week

Catholic School Week - January 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30th.

Tuesday - Open House & Touring Tuesday. Parents may visit their child's classroom and sit in on classes from 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Wednesday - Mass at 11:00 AM celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart - sisters who founded OLQM School.
Grade 4 will lead Mass and all parents are welcome as we celebrate Catholic Schools Week and the Year of Consecrated Life.

Friday- Speech Contest 9:00 AM Grades 5-8.Parents Welcome.

School Evaluation - January 29th has been cancelled.
will be rescheduled by the Manhattan Catholic School Regional Board

National Handwriting Day Winners

“Now we just need your John Hancock.”

That phrase you often hear when you have to sign a document is a celebration of one of history’s most famous signatures.
And last Friday January 23rd, National Handwriting Day, commemorates the birthday of Mr. Hancock (1737), the first signer of the Declaration of Independence.
(As president of the Continental Congress, he got first dibs.)
With a blank space, he made sure to make his name large, legible and ornate. It stands out among the 56 signatures.
Hancock apparently did it as a defiant message to the British king, and so that British ministers could read his name “without spectacles.”
The prominence he achieved for just a few moments’ work may be a reminder for us to dot our I’s, cross our T’s and make proper loops.
At least for today, anyway.
The following students won the Handwriting Contest for their grade and will receive a nice gift certificate for their hard work in making sure we can read what they write:
Grade 3-Ashley Smith
Grade 4-Joseph Alvarado
Grade 5-Chelsea Rivera
Grade 6-Angelica Arias
Grade 7-Nelsy Concepcion
Grade 8-Ambar Rosario

Interim Assessment #2

On Tuesday and Wednesday February 2nd and 3rd children in grades K-8 will be administered the second Interim Assessment coordinated by the Archdiocese of New York in ELA (English Language Arts) and Mathematics.
The skills that are tested will show strengths and weaknesses for the upcoming New York State Tests in April based on the Common Core Standards. In this way the teachers may plan lessons based on the results.
Next week Mr. Woods will copy an article onto this blog for parent review on how parents may assist their child be a more successful student merely by engaging them in conversation beginning at birth.
Vocabulary weakness at present is the common thread that many students at OLQM are deficient. Beginning next week the teachers will be posting on their opening blog page the vocabulary for the week along with the definitions so that parents may take an active part with the teachers in assisting their child to be a successful reader.

Report Card Day - February 4, 2015
The mid year report card will be distributed by Fr. Antonio to students on Wednesday February 4th. Parent Teacher conferences will be held from 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM in the school auditorium.
The new uniform company (Ideal) will be present in the lunchroom with a display of uniforms - the style remains the same.
A reminder that students will not receive a report card if there is a balance due on the tuition -0 as of this writing --today Sunday January 25th the outstanding balance of past due tuition is $147,026.93
It will be on this report card that the indication will be noted that your child may not be meeting standards for promotion as listed in the Parents Handbook. There is ample time for your child to improve their academic skills and study in order to avoid Summer School or Retention.
At the Parent Teacher Conferences the recently administered mid-terms will be available for your review. They will be kept in your child's file until the end of the year wherein you will receive the hard copy.
The Honors Assembly for this report card will be held in church following the school Mass for Ash Wednesday on February 18th at 11:00 AM- parents are welcome.

Monday - January 26, 2015 Feast of Sts. Timothy and Titus
Second Quarter Ends
School Choice Week scarves will be given to students today.
Reading coach will work with students today.

Tuesday- January 27, 2015 Feast of St. Angela Merici

Open House and Touring Tuesday
8:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Wednesday January 28, 2015 Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas

11:00 AM --Mass in Celebration of Catholic Schools Week and the Year of Consecrated Life
Celebration will also commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart arriving in America.
The Franciscan Sisters would open OLQM school in 1932.

Thursday January 29, 2015
Mid Term - Biology Regents Class

Friday - January 30, 2015
Speech Contest 9:00 AM Grades 5-8

Sunday February 2nd--Super Bowl Sunday
12:00 noon Reconciliation Class
1:00 PM Mass for all students

Friday, January 16, 2015

Week of January 18, 2015 Announcements

Updates on Article 43 - Pre-K and Kindergarten Classes
Students in PreK and Kindergarten have been assigned a cubby outside the classroom for their coat and book bag. Parents when dropping off their child should look at the names printed at the bottom of the cubby in order to have their child's coat placed on the proper hook. The book bags are to left outside the classroom also and the children will retrieve their belongings after school has started for the day. In this way they will learn the skill of self-reliance.

Also a number of parents have complained to the teachers that the children have been brought outside for 5 (five) minutes daily for fresh air and then return to the auditorium for gross motor play. As per Article 43 and ECERS-R (Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale) the children are to receive outdoor gross motor play each and every day excluding inclement weather (rain and snow). The temperature guidelines are 25 degrees to 90 degrees. Five minutes with their coats, scarves and gloves for children to run will not harm a child but may assist in developing a healthy lifestyle - a constant conversation that is happening concerning childhood growth.
The students return to the lunchroom after the five minutes and then engage in hoola hoops, ball throwing etc as recommended by ECERS-R.
Parents who have any questions may see Mr. Woods and he will explain regulations that guide the curriculum along with the social, physical environment that is part of early education.

School Evaluation
The school evaluation by the Catholic School Regional Board has been scheduled for Thursday January 29, 2015. Sister June Clare Tracy, OP the regional superintendent will be here to visit classrooms, talk to parents and teachers and make recommendations.

Report Cards - February 4, 2015
Report Cards will be distributed to students by Father Antonio on Wednesday February 4, 2015. Parent- teacher conferences will be held from 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM. The new uniform company IDEAL will also be here with a display.
A reminder that tuition must be up to date for students to receive their report card.

Catholic School Week - January 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30th.
Tuesday - Open House & Turing Tuesday. Parents may visit the classroom and sit in on classes from 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Wednesday - Mass at 11:00 AM celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart - sisters who founded OLQM School.
Thursday - School Evaluation
Friday- Speech Contest 9:00 AM Grades 5-8.

Auditorium Renovations
The auditorium continues to move forward with the renovations to the ceiling. New lights should start to be installed this week which may cause a disruption to breakfast. Parents are requested to be patient as we move forward in opening up the auditorium space for gym classes.

Tuesday January 20th
Math coach will work with students

Wednesday January 21st - Feast of Our Lady of Altagracia
Mid-Term exams in Mathematics and Science

Thursday January 22nd

Mid Term exams Reading and Religion

Friday January 23rd
Mid Term Exams Social Studies and ELA
National Handwriting Day - contest will be judged by Mr. Woods

Sunday January 25th
1:00 PM Mass for all students
No Classes.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week of January 12, 2015 Announcements

Celebration of the Year of 150th Anniversary of the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart
As mentioned on the monthly calendar -- Wednesday January 28th there will be a celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart's arrival in the United States.
The Sisters in 1932 would open Our Lady Queen of Martyrs School and remained here until 1980. The Franciscan Sisters along with dozens of other religious sisters would be paramount in opening Catholic Schools all across America. This Year Pope Francis I requests us to celebrate the great work that religious sisters and brothers have done for centuries all across the world. Mass on January 28th will be at 11:00 AM and Sister Ann, the provincial of the Franciscan Sisters of Peekskill will speak to the school children during Mass. A number of students and teachers went to see the Sisters on Saturday, December 6th for the opening Mass of their anniversary. If parents are available they are asked to join the school community in celebrating the founding order of sisters of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs School.

Progress Reports
Progress Reports were distributed by Fr. Antonio to all, all means all students on Friday January 9th. They should be reviewed by parents, signed and returned to the child's teacher. They will be returned to the student after the teachers ascertain that the parent has reviewed the grades. It is important before we move into mid-terms that parents know the status of their child's current academic standing so that they will make sure that their child is studying if they are failing a subject. Mid-terms will begin on January 21st as listed on the monthly calendar. Parents who wish to see teachers should make an appointment with Alba. Parents who wish to see Mr. Woods may do so on Sundays or before 7:30 AM on weekdays. A note regarding the Progress Reports- conduct marks did not appear on the Progress Report for students in grades 1-8, PreK and K the conduct mark is there. Alan will be calling the Cornerstone group on Monday to check why the grades did not transfer. If Mr. Woods gets a reasonable answer from Cornerstone he will let parents know.

Cornerstone Link on web page.
There is a link on the school web page of for easy access to Cornerstone. The link is under the tab labeled academics.

Monday January 12, 2015
Mid Term review sheets will be sent home. A hard copy is being sent home because a number of parents are indicating they do not have computer access.

Tuesday January 13, 2015 - Feast of St. Hilary
Anti-bullying curriculum will be covered this week.
Math coach will be working with students today.

Wednesday January 14, 2015
Catholic High School notices will be sent to students in the mail.

Thursday January 15, 2015 - can you believe that half of January is already over.
Map A Month due.

Friday January 16, 2015 - School Closed
Teacher Conference Day regarding the Common Core State Standards

Sunday - January 18, 2015
Mass at 1:00 PM for all students

Monday January 19, 2015 SCHOOL CLOSED

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Week of January 5, 2015 Announcements

An Article for Parents on the Importance of Handwriting

“Desirable Difficulty” With Handwriting

“Does handwriting matter?” asks Maria Konnikova in this New York Times article. Not very much, seems to be the consensus in many schools, with keyboard proficiency getting much more emphasis and no Common Core penmanship mandate beyond first grade. But new psychological and neurological evidence suggests that handwriting is directly linked to deeper learning. “Children not only learn to read more quickly when they first learn to write by hand,” says Konnikova, “but they also remain better able to generate ideas and retain information.”
This was demonstrated in a 2012 study by Karin James of Indiana University. Pre-literate children were asked to reproduce a letter in one of three ways: typing it on a computer; tracing the letter guided by a dotted outline; and drawing it on a blank paper. Each child was then put in a brain scanner and shown the letter again. Those who had drawn the letter freehand showed lots of activity in three areas of the brain that are activated when adults read and write. Children who had traced or typed the letter showed almost no activity in these areas.
James believes the difference has to do with the messiness inherent in free-form handwriting. “This is one of the first demonstrations of the brain being changed because of that practice,” she says. “When a kid produces a messy letter, that might help him learn it.” Striving to imperfectly reproduce the letter is much more helpful than merely seeing it or seeing others write it. James’s research suggests that the effort and perceived imperfections of writing by hand engage the brain’s motor pathways – hence the learning benefits.
Research on older children by Virginia Berninger of the University of Washington produced similar results: those who wrote by hand showed more neural activity in the key areas, produced more words more quickly, and expressed more ideas. And research by Pam Mueller of Princeton and Daniel Oppenheimer of UCLA has shown that college students learn better when they take notes by hand than when they use a laptop. It appears that writing by hand allows them to process a lecture’s ideas and reframe them – “a process of reflection and manipulation that can lead to better understanding and memory encoding,” says Konnikova.

“What’s Lost As Handwriting Fades” by Maria Konnikova in The New York Times, June 3, 2014,

Auditorium Renovations
As the auditorium continues to be renovated Mr. Woods requests that parents are patient with the the limited space that will be available due to the scaffolding etc. Hopefully the new LED lights will be in place by the end of January.If you have passed the school at night you will have noticed the new LED lights that were installed in the front of the building and the backyard. We are grateful to Fr. Antonio, the alumni and the Archdiocese of New York for assisting in this project so that gym classes will no longer be impeded by the drop ceiling and also to restore the original luster of the building when it was first constructed.

Fund Raising Money for candy bars
As a reminder the money for fund raising should be given to Mrs. Resto in the tuition office. It will then be credited on the Smart Tuition account.

Progress Reports
Progress Reports will be sent home with ALL children on Friday January 9, 2015. In this way parents will see what subjects their child needs to study in depth before the administration of mid-terms. As a reminder mid-terms begin for all students in grades K-8 on January 21st and will cover all material from September - January. Again should parents wish to see their child's teacher about a specific deficiency they should schedule an appointment with Alba in the office.

After School Program

Parents are reminded that pick up for the After School Program will be on the first floor of the school (the school office).
Parents should now call the school's main number of 212-567-3190 after 3:00 PM if they wish to speak to Mr. Marcial and/or Eric.The old number will be disconnected this week.

Monday January 5, 2015
School resumes after Christmas break.
January calendars will be sent home today with students.
Calendar Correction - Sunday January 18th - NO COMMUNION CLASS at 12:00 noon

Tuesday January 6, 2015
Feast of the Epiphany
Math Coach will work with students today.

Wednesday January 7, 2015
Reading Coach will work with students today.

Thursday January 8, 2015
Happy Birthday Ransel

Friday January 9, 2015

Early Dismissal Day - 1200 noon Faculty meeting.
After School Program will be in session.

Sunday January 11, 2015
Feast of the Baptism of the Lord
12:00 noon - Reconciliation Class
1:00 PM - Mass for all students
3:00 PM - Biology Class

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Week of December 15, 2014 Announcements

Letter sent home to After School Parents on Friday
After School Program 2014-2015

Dear Parents,

In order to address a one door in and one door out policy I have decided that the After School Program dismissal will now take place through the main office of the school.You are asked to come to the main office for pick up and sign out of your child and either Mr. Marcial or Eric will assist you in having your child ready for pickup.

This is being done for a number of issues regarding safety and supervision. While it may be cumbersome the first few weeks I ask that you are patient as we make the transition beginning Monday December 15, 2014.

Ample chairs etc. will be in the hallway of the first floor and you will be able to be entertained by Big Bird and Sonny while you are waiting.

Please note that the wooden doors near Mrs. Fundora's room will be locked until fire safety mechanisms are set up to avoid the doors being opened above the Church or the school auditorium.

Should you have any questions please see me.

Have a good weekend.


Mid Year Exams
As a reminder there will be Mid Year exams for all students in grades K-8 during the week of January 21, 2015. The mark on the exam will be recorded on your child's report card and will count as 15% of your child's grade as specified by the Archdiocese of New York. If your child is not doing well academically Christmas break would be the perfect time for them to "catch up" on material. Please remember to have them bring their books home by Thursday as the building will be cleaned during the break and there will be no access to the classrooms.

Monday December 15, 2014
Advent Confessions will be held this week.
New Dismissal Policy - After School Program

Tuesday December 16, 2014
Map a Month Due
Shopping bags should be brought to school to pack books in closets.

Wednesday December 17, 2014
Guess who is coming to visit.

Thursday December 18, 2014
6th grade and 8th grade trip to see movie Exodus
Classrooms will b packed up today.

Friday December 19, 2014
Lessons and Carols 8:30 AM
Parents Welcome
Classroom parties begin after Lessons and Carols
Dismissal at 3:00 PM - Christmas Recess
Classes Resume on Monday January 5, 2014

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Week of December 7, 2014 Announcements

School Evaluation - postponed
The scheduled school evaluation by the Catholic School Regional Office has been postponed and will be re-scheduled after the beginning of the new year.

Dental Screening
A reminder that FREE dental screening will take place Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Your child must have a signed permission slip to be screened. The children who will be screened will also be given a class in proper oral health and brushing techniques.

Christmas Recess
A reminder that Christmas recess begins on Friday December 19th at 3:00 PM. Students who are absent for vacations, trips etc. are marked as illegally absent.
School resumes on Monday January 5, 2015.
The school office will be open only on certain days during the recess. Please call beforehand to make sure the office is open that day.
If you want to contact Mr. Woods the best way would be through e-mail at as there are a number of projects that he will be working on throughout the building.

Monday December 8th - Feast of the Immaculate Conception - Holyday of Obligation
Mass at 9:00 AM led by the third grade - parents welcome.

Tuesday - December 9th - Feast of St. Juan Diego

Dental Screening - permission slips must be in the office

Wednesday - December 10th -
Dental screening will continue today.

Thursday - December 11th

New York City Department of Health will be screening students in Kindergarten and Grade 1 for Hearing and Vision.
Please make sure that your child has a completed physical in their file. Call Alba if you are uncertain.

Friday - December 12th Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Early Dismissal Day 12:00 noon Faculty Meeting
After School Program will be in session.

Saturday- Feast of St. Lucy

Sunday- Third Sunday of Advent
12:00 Noon Reconciliation Class today
1:00 PM - Mass for all students
3:00 PM - Biology Class

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Week of December 1, 2014

An Article from the American Academy of Pediatrics
Media and Children

Media is everywhere. TV, Internet, computer and video games all vie for our children's attention. The AAP has recommendations for parents and pediatricians.

Today's children are spending an average of seven hours a day on entertainment media, including televisions, computers, phones and other electronic devices. To help kids make wise media choices, parents should monitor their media diet. Parents can make use of established ratings systems for shows, movies and games to avoid inappropriate content, such as violence, explicit sexual content or glorified tobacco and alcohol use.

Studies have shown that excessive media use can lead to attention problems, school difficulties, sleep and eating disorders, and obesity. In addition, the Internet and cell phones can provide platforms for illicit and risky behaviors.

By limiting screen time and offering educational media and non-electronic formats such as books, newspapers and board games, and watching television with their children, parents can help guide their children's media experience. Putting questionable content into context and teaching kids about advertising contributes to their media literacy.

The AAP recommends that parents establish "screen-free" zones at home by making sure there are no televisions, computers or video games in children's bedrooms, and by turning off the TV during dinner. Children and teens should engage with entertainment media for no more than one or two hours per day, and that should be high-quality content. It is important for kids to spend time on outdoor play, reading, hobbies, and using their imaginations in free play.

Television and other entertainment media should be avoided for infants and children under age 2. A child's brain develops rapidly during these first years, and young children learn best by interacting with people, not screens.
- See more at:

Advent like Lent is a time of preparation.
Why not think of preparing for Christmas like you do for Lent by giving up something? Look at the article above and think about turning off some form of media daily for a period of time. Just think how much better your life would be if you turned off the phone for one hour, maybe two hours a day or definitely turning it off when going to bed so that you don't hear the bings of text messages, e-mails etc. all night.
Think how much calmer you will be when Christmas comes having avoiding some of the nonsense that bombards us daily.

Sunday November 30, 2014 - First Sunday of Advent

Monday December 1, 2014 - World AIDS Awareness Day
Calendars for December will be sent home today.

Tuesday December 2, 2014

Wednesday December 3, 2014 Feast of St. Francis Xavier
Reading Coach will work with students today.

Thursday December 4, 2014

Friday December 5, 2014

St. Nicholas Day at OLQM

Saturday December 6, 2014
150th Anniversary Celebration in honor of the Franciscan Sisters of Peekskill- 8th grade will attend
The Franciscan Sisters worked at OLQM from 1932-1980.

Sunday December 7th - Second Sunday of Advent
Reconciliation Class 12:00 noon
1:00 PM Mass for all students
No Biology Class