Thursday, July 13, 2017

Kindergarten & First Grade

Kindergarten & First Grade Teachers

K-1 - Ms. Ocasio
K-2 Ms. Coello 

1-1 - Ms. Wong
1-2- Ms. Saville 

As mentioned on the blog previously parent will have the ability to choose their child's teacher for September 2017 ---
by August 1, 2017 at midnight.

This choice will only be given to parent who have paid September's tuition by August 1st.
Smart Tuition will be mailing out invoices in the next week.
Parents who pay by August first should send Mr. Woods an e-mail at indicating:
             1. their child's name
             2. the teacher they are requesting
             3. the date of payment to Smart Tuition.

if the payment bounces back because of insufficient funds etc.---- then the request becomes invalid. 

Each of the classes will have 20 students in each to ensure even distribution.

On August 2nd the classes will be set up in Cornerstone and there will be no change after children have been set up in classes.