Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Week of May 20, 2020 Announcements

On-line Teaching/Learning Platform
This message was posted on your child's Google Classroom on Tuesday:
Good morning.
In a Zoom meeting with teachers yesterday I am hearing that some students are playing games regarding Zoom.
A reminder that the teacher MUST see your face during Zoom on line teaching - if not I have instructed your teachers to delete you for the day and give you a zero for the day.
I have also instructed your teachers that they must see your full name before inviting you to their Zoom class -- no street names, no memes -- nothing but the name that appears on your report card.
I will start to call your parents myself if teachers give me names of students who are breaking the rules regarding the Zoom on-line platform.
I hope this is the last I have to say about this for the remainder of the year.

Basically the picture above is what should be happening when your child is on Zoom.

Friday - 12:00 noon
 May 22, 2020
Faculty Meeting

The faculty will be having a meeting on Friday May 22nd. 
All on-line classes will cease at 12:00 noon.
On-line classes will resume on Tuesday May 26, 2020.
We will be addressing students who may be required to attend 
virtual on-line Summer School due to poor performance.
The teachers will outreach to parents next week if your child will be REQUIRED to attend Summer School.
In this way there are 4 weeks wherein the parents may work with their child and the teacher to guarantee academic success by the end of June.

Due June 1, 2020
A reminder that re-registration is due by June 1st.
After June 1st the re-registration fee doubles.
If you have question e-mail Mr. Woods at

Alba will outreach to parents in the next few days. She has informed me that many times she cannot leave a message on parents cell phones because the mailbox is full.

Mr. Woods is happy to announce that 
Mathias Dominguez of the 5th grade has been accepted to the 
Regis High School Reach Program. 
This is a 3 year intense education program to prepare students for the elite High School exams in 8th grade.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Week of May 11, 2020 Announcements

Friday May 15, 2020
Grades 1-8

As listed on the school calendar Progress Reports will be available on the Cornerstone Student Information System. Parents may access their child's progress by login on to the Cornerstone system.
If parents are in need of their Cornerstone login and password -- Mr. Guzman will be in the school office on 
Tuesday May 12, 2020 - 11:00 AM -1:00 PM 
Wednesday May 13, 2020 - 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM 
Thursday May 14, 2020 - 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Parents who wish their child's Progress Report e-mailed to them should e-mail Mr. Woods at
They will not be e-mailed until next Wednesday May 20th.

Calendar Changes
The following changes have been made to the yearly calendar for the remainder of 
May and June
1. Friday May 22nd - school in sesssion
2. Friday May 29th - school in session
3. Friday June 5th - 12:00 noon dismissal 
3. Friday June 12th - school is session 
4. Friday - June 19th - 12 noon dismissal - parent teacher ZOOM call regarding end of year report card.
5. Monday June 22nd - Parent teacher ZOOM calls regarding end of year report card. This is the last day of school for the academic year.

8th Grade Graduation 
This date is still pending the guidelines that will be announced by the Governor Cuomo's office.
Should it be August - then so be it. Further information will be forthcoming.

Regional Superintendent
Mr. Tweed, the regional superintendent for Manhattan, has taken a new position effective June 30th. 
Mr. Tweed has visited OLQM a number of times and has met with a number of parents and students during those visits. 
He is wished many blessings in his new endeavor.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Letter From Superintendent of Schools Office

Alba will be reaching out to every family in the next couple of weeks regarding re-registration and any concerns.
If you have other concerns please e-mail 
Mr. Woods --- 
The following letter is from the 
Superintendent of Schools office. Please read it carefully.

Dear Parent,

We are living through a truly unprecedented crisis.

Each day, as I work through its unprecedented challenges, I am reminded, in a myriad of ways, of the sacrifices you are making to provide a Catholic education for your children.  I am so grateful to you – and to our students – for the energy, faithfulness, determination, and love that you are bringing to this enterprise.

Our teachers have responded to your commitment by developing online education that has exceeded our initial hopes.  The ingenuity they have displayed, and our students’ embrace of their creativity is demonstrated on our school website, in social media, and, most importantly, in the high participation rates logged in our educational systems.

None of this would be possible without you.  I hear daily from our teachers; “This school is our family!”  It is your spirit that makes this statement true; your partnership that makes each school a community. 

 I turn to you now with a request of my own.  The pandemic has had a tremendous effect on our finances.  As we adjust our plans to meet the new educational needs of our schools and students, it is more critical than ever that we know for which students we are planning.  If you have not already done so, please register your children for the upcoming 2020-21 school year.  Take advantage of our registration incentive rate, which allows you to save $100 on the registration fee for each child if you complete your registration by June 1.  Your registration signals your continuing commitment to your school and to Catholic education.  The survival of our school community depends on your commitment now.
I know that all of us have been forever changed by this pandemic.  In some cases, that change may be very hard to bear.  So, once again, I ask that if your family is suffering financially from job loss or shortened work hours and are struggling to meet your household’s needs; if your children cannot access or complete work due to lack of technology in your home; if you are not certain where to turn, please do not hesitate to make those needs known to me.  Tuition assistance is available.  Generous donors have stepped up to make it possible for us to meet technology needs by providing the means to loan Chromebooks to students who have been working without home computers.  We may also be able to direct you to other resources available through the Archdiocese.  But, we cannot know your need unless you turn to us. 

Lastly, I am more grateful than I can say for your continued tuition payments.  You know that we cannot teach the children without the work of the instructional specialists, our school administrators, and most importantly, our teachers.  Your tuition makes all of that possible.  It is the fuel that powers the engine of education. 

In these difficult days, I have been more heartened than I can say by your actions, your spirit, your commitment, and your partnership.  In all of it, I see the tremendous love you have for your children.  Know that we love them, too.  I thank you again for gift of partnering with you in shaping their future.

Andrew G. Woods

Estimada familia (padre o madre),

Estamos atravesando por una crisis verdaderamente sin precedentes.
Cada día, mientras trabajo para superar estos desafíos sin precedentes, me vienen a la mente, de innumerables maneras, los sacrificios que usted está haciendo para proporcionar una educación católica a sus hijos.  Les agradezco enormemente a usted, y a sus hijos, por la energía, la lealtad, la determinación y el amor que están trayendo a esta empresa.

Nuestros maestros han respondido al compromiso de su familia desarrollando una educación en línea que ha excedido nuestras expectativas iniciales.  El ingenio que han desplegado y el abrazo de nuestros alumnos a su creatividad quedan demostrados en el sitio web de nuestra escuela, en los medios sociales y, principalmente, en la altos porcentajes de participación registrados en nuestros sistemas educativos.

Nada de esto sería posible sin usted.  Todos los días escucho a nuestros maestros decir: "¡Esta escuela es nuestra familia!"  Es su espíritu (y el de los suyos) lo que hace de esta declaración una realidad; es su alianza con nosotros lo que hace de cada escuela una comunidad.  

Ahora yo acudo a usted con un pedido de mi parte.  La pandemia ha tenido un efecto tremendo en nuestras finanzas.  A medida que ajustamos nuestros planes para satisfacer las necesidades educativas de nuestras escuelas y de nuestros alumnos, es más importante que nunca que sepamos para cuáles alumnos estamos planificando.  Si aún no lo ha hecho, por favor, inscriba a sus hijos para el próximo año escolar 2020-21.  Aproveche nuestra tarifa promocional de inscripción, por la cual puede ahorrar $100 en la cuota de inscripción de cada niño si completa la inscripción no más tarde del 1 de junio.  Su inscripción señala su continuo compromiso con su escuela y con la educación católica.  La supervivencia de nuestra comunidad escolar depende de su compromiso aquí y ahora.

Sé que esta pandemia nos ha cambiado a todos para siempre.  En algunos casos, ese cambio puede ser muy difícil de soportar.  De modo que, una vez más, le pido que si su familia está atravesando dificultades financieras, por pérdida del trabajo o por reducción de horas de trabajo, y está luchando para cubrir las necesidades del hogar; si sus hijos no pueden acceder al trabajo o completarlo debido a la falta de tecnología en su casa; si no sabe adónde recurrir, no dude en hacerme saber acerca de esas necesidades.  Tenemos disponible asistencia económica para el pago de la matrícula.  Donantes generosos han dado un paso adelante para que podamos satisfacer las necesidades tecnológicas y lo han hecho brindando los medios necesarios para prestar Chromebooks a alumnos que trabajan en sus casas sin computadora.  También podemos acercarlo a otros recursos disponibles a través de la Arquidiócesis.  Pero no podemos saber cuáles son sus necesidades a menos que acuda a nosotros. 

Por último, no tengo palabras para expresar mi agradecimiento hacia usted por pagar de forma continua la matrícula.  Usted sabe que no podemos enseñarles a los niños sin el trabajo de los especialistas en educación, de nuestros administradores escolares y, sobre todo, de nuestros maestros.  La matrícula que usted paga hace que todo eso sea posible.  Es el combustible que impulsa el motor de la educación. 
En estos tiempos difíciles, no tengo palabras suficientes para describir el ánimo que me infunden sus acciones, su espíritu, su compromiso y su cooperación.  Y en todo esto, veo el gran amor que tiene por sus hijos.  Sepa que nosotros también lo tenemos.  Le agradezco nuevamente por este regalo de colaborar con usted, como socios, en forjar el futuro de sus hijos.

Andrew G. Woods

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

May 6, 2020 updates

Parent Access
Mr. Guzman is still in the process of checking all accounts on the Educate Student Information System.
Hopefully access will be opened up next week.
 As soon as all accounts have been checked the system will be opened.

Monday May 11, 2020
12:00 noon
Faculty Meeting

There will be a faculty meeting on Monday May 11th.
Classes will end at 12:00 noon for all grades.

After School Program Fees

After School Program fees have been removed for the remainder of the year from all accounts. Should it still be on your account please e-mail Mr. Woods at so that he may forward the e-mail to Smart Tuition.

ZOOM Classes
Mr. Woods in his daily meetings with the faculty has listened to a number of issues that have arisen with Zoom on-line learning:

1. Students are to have their video on so that they can directly communicate with their teacher during Zoom instruction. They should be able to see their teacher and their teacher should be able to see them.

2. Students should not have background TV's, or other noise making machines on during the class. It is a distraction to the rest of the class and their teacher.

3. Students should have a polo shirt or a colored t-shirt on during class.  Undershirts or students with no shirts on is not acceptable.

4. Students for best focus should be sitting at a desk if possible or the kitchen table. Students learning while they are in bed or slouched on the couch is not conducive to learning.

5. All in all it must be remembered that the rules an regulations found in the Parent Student Handbook are applicable to the on-line learning platform of Zoom.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Update on Educate Student Information System

Parent Access Closed

On Friday April 24th Mr. Woods was informed by TADS that there was a problem with the system in a recent update. 
Report cards were linked with wrong student accounts and some parents were given total school access.
As of this afternoon TADS access for parents has been shut down until it can be assessed by the technology department of the Archdiocese.
Parents wishing to keep up to date with their child's progress during their on-line learning should request information from the teacher during their weekly call.

Mr. Woods will let parents know when the system is ready to be opened up again.


Mr. Woods reviewed the recent usage report on student progress for SuccessMaker.
He noticed a number of students who login to stay on for 2 or 3 minutes. 
 Other students have not logged in since January.
The teachers will be addressing the students during their interactions with them in the next week.
Mr. Woods will be sending out an IRIS alert to parents whose child is not up to date with their SuccessMaker work.
Teachers have been assigning SuccessMaker as part of homework/classwork and announcements about that may be found on the child's Google Classroom in Math/Reading or on the teacher's school blog.
Please remember DO NOT GOOGLE SuccessMaker. The school has a specific web address that teachers will have posted on their blog or on Google classroom.
 The teachers will also be to assist parents whose child consistently and persistently "loose" their login and password. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Letter from Superintendent of Schools Office for PreK For All Parents

Dear Parents of Children in PreK for All and 3K for All Programs in our Catholic Schools,

I hope that this email finds you and your family well.   As we work together to support our children’s learning and well-being in these difficult times,  please know that the Office of the Superintendent of Catholic Schools keeps  you in our thoughts and prayers.   The Principals, , Teachers and Staff of your PKFA/3K programs are here to support you throughout the remainder of the school year, and we encourage you to reach out to your program staff with needs, concerns and suggestions.

You may have received a message yesterday from Mr. Michael Deegan,  Superintendent of Catholic Schools,  that provided the K-8 update for the Catholic School system.   Included in that email was a link to the Archdiocese of New York Catholic Schools website.    You will find resources and links on this page.   As you are important members of our greater school community,  many of these resources are available for your use.

As part of our obligation as providers of PreK for All and 3K for All programs,  we are sending this email to provide you with information that is specific to the NYC DOE programs in our schools.  
Attached  is a letter from Mayor de Blasio and Chancellor Carranza.   Please know that we will be continuing to provide remote instruction and social emotional support for your children and families through the end of our school year.

We are also sharing the following information and links:

Remote Learning Survey for Families      All parents/guardians of students in PreK for All and 3K for All  are invited to participate in the survey. 
To access the survey, visit If parents/guardians do not have access to the internet to complete the survey online, they can call 311 for more information about how to take the survey via phone. 

Electronic Devices Available for Loan:   The DOE has devices available to lend families to support their child’s remote learning. Priority will be given to students most in need, and students in upper grades. 
Families who wish to request a device should fill out this Remote Learning Device Request form.  
 If a family does not know their child’s OSIS number needed to complete the form, they should input ‘9’ then their child’s birthdate instead. 
For example, for a child born on January 1, 2016, the family should enter “901012016”.   (If you already completed this survey,  there is no need to complete it again.)

Family and Child Participation in Remote Learning:   Your teachers are providing  pre-recorded and interactive sessions and other learning opportunities for your children using a variety of electronic delivery platforms.   As the remote learning situation continues,  we are continuing to provide training for teachers on new programs.    
At this time,  the NYC DOE has instructed all programs to transition away from the Zoom meetings and look into other forms of live instruction.   This shift will take time and will require more training for both teachers and parents.  
During this transition,  teachers who have successfully used the Zoom program will continue to do so.

Please know that the most important focus for you and your family at this time is on the well-being of your child and your family.  

 We ask that you participate as much and as often as is in the best interest of your family.  There is no pressure to do more than that.

Teachers will continue to check in with you and value your feedback and suggestions.  
If your contact information changes, or you have a need that we may be able to help you meet,  please reach out to your child’s teacher or the Director/Principal of your program.


Joanne Walsh
Associate Superintendent, Office of Early Childhood

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Letter from Mr. Deegan, Superintendent of Schools

April 20, 2020

Dear Catholic School Community,

Joy is what the Easter season is all about! Given the context of the COVID-19 crisis, we are assured the Light of the Risen Christ erases the gloom of sadness. This Light has never been more tangible in our lifetime. After four decades as a Catholic educator, I have never been prouder of our extended Catholic school community. We are bound by our shared faith and commitment to our mission of educating each child. Together we have adapted and will continue to overcome the obstacles placed in front of us by this global pandemic.

As we return from Easter break and resume home-based learning, I am providing several important updates below:

• Following recommendations of the Health and Safety Task Force of the Office of the Superintendent, Catholic Elementary Schools in the Archdiocese of New York will remain closed through Friday, May 22, 2020, since the well-being of our children and teachers is our preeminent responsibility.

• There has been a lot of information in the news about Zoom, a tool we use to teach your children digitally. Before we adopted any tool, the Office of the Superintendent of Schools worked with our Safe Environment Office and the Office of Legal Affairs. We had proactively recommended many if not all of the education security measures which were then adopted by Zoom for educator accounts. We strongly encourage you to also review the internet safety materials posted on our website, continue to monitor your children’s online activities and have an open dialogue with them about internet safety. Click here to view updated and additional information about Zoom on our website.

• For all of us, these times remain challenging, please know that our counselors and mental health professionals are an email or phone call away. I have linked my letter from March 25, 2020 which has all of the contact information. I have also posted new resources on our website.

• Last week, Cardinal Dolan and I participated in a call with Senator Charles Schumer (NY) to thank the senator for his support as well as to advocate for additional relief for our families and our schools. We remain engaged in working to ensure local, city, state and federal government deliver all the support and services our students are entitled to and deserve.

• Our website continues to be the best source for timely updates and information about home-based learning, as well as parent and family resources including additional materials helpful to your loved ones going forward.
With prayers for your continued health and happiness,

Mr. Michael J. Deegan Superintendent of Schools Archdiocese of New York

Friday, April 17, 2020

On Line Learning Resumes 
Monday April 20, 2020

Mr. Woods would like to remind parents that on-line learning resumes on Monday at the regular scheduled times.
Parents are reminded that students are to be present on time for class whether it is Google Classroom or zoom.
Mr. Woods will be quarantined in the building and parents may call from 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM should they have questions.
Parents may also send an email to Please be patient about response as there are a number of things going on that Mr. Woods is addressing daily.

Hot Lunch Will Return
After 3 years and 3 months the gas 
has been turned back on in the school kitchen.
Mr. Woods is grateful to Fr. Cruz who has kept on this endeavor since his arrival at OLQM.
He was present on Friday as Con Edison finished the last steps and then turned on the gas.
When school resumes, hopefully soon,
 hot lunch will resume after a long hiatus.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Report Cards Grades K-8
Mr. Woods would like parents to know that report cards were mailed out today Tuesday April 14th.
Parents who requested that report cards be e-mailed to them -- they will be sent on Wednesday or Thursday this week.

The Educate Student Information System will be open on Thursday for parents who have been using it regularly. 
 The report card will also be available there.
No new logins or passwords will be issued until school resumes as there is no staff in school to work with parents.

Once school resumes a Parent Teacher Conference Day 
will be set up so that parents may meet with their child's teacher regarding the 3rd quarter report card.

As a reminder on-line school resumes on Monday April 20th.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Chrome Book Distribution

April 7, 2020

Dear Catholic School Families,
As you know the Superintendent of Schools Office and the Inner City Scholarship Fund are working to secure every possible benefit for our families during these challenging times.

As you visit WWW.CATHOLICSCHOOLSNY.ORG you will see additional resources and benefits updated on a regular basis. In particular, with this communication, we wanted to share that we are advocating for every child who may need a computer/chromebook whose family is unable to secure one. Thanks to generous donors and government funds we are hopeful that we may be able to assist those who need it most. We have already loaned out some devices from our schools to families to meet the immediate needs.

Later today you will receive a phone call to your home number and if there is no answer today we will call your cell phone tomorrow asking you about access to computers/chromebook in your home for your son(s) or daughter(s). Please respond to the automated telephone survey; there is no other way to participate in this survey.
Below is that script that will be used so you have a copy in advance of the call.

Wishing you all a blessed Holy Week and Happy Easter!
Michael J. Deegan
Superintendent of Schools Archdiocese of New York

Archdiocese of New York Phone Survey

Hello, I’m calling on behalf of the Catholic Schools Superintendent Michael Deegan. We hope you and your family are well. I am calling you today to ask you to please respond to these few questions so we can make sure every student is having the best home-based learning experience possible. Your responses are very important because we are advocating to government officials and donors to help where there is a need.

Q1. Does your catholic school elementary or middle school child or children each have a dedicated computer/chromebook for their schoolwork that they DO NOT share with anyone else in the household? Press 1 for yes, Press 2 for no.
1. Yes [Go to Q2]
2. No [Go to Q 3]

Q2. Did your child or children receive this from their catholic school on loan? Press 1 for Yes, Press 2 for No
1. Yes [Go to Q4]
2. No [Go to Q3]

Q3. How many children do not have their own computer/Chromebook? Press 1 for one child, Press 2 for 2
children, Press 3 for three children, Press 4 for more than 3 children. [All Go to Q4]
1. 1
2. 2
3. 3
4. More than 3

Q4. Do you have internet access at home? Press 1 for yes,Press 2 for no. [All Go to Close]
1. Yes
2. No

Close: Thank You for participating. The Superintendent of Schools Office has many updated resources for our families listed on our website: CatholicSchoolsNY.Org. Wishing you and your family a blessed Holy Week and Happy Easter!

Machine Message:
Hello: I’m calling on behalf of the Catholic Schools Superintendent Michael J. Deegan. We hope you and your family are well. I was calling you today so we can make sure every student is having the best home- based learning experience possible. We are sorry we missed you. The Archdiocese has many updated resources for our families listed on our website: CatholicSchoolsNY.Org.
Wishing you and your family a blessed Holy Week
and Happy Easter!

Report Cards and Easter Recess

Grades K-8
The end of the third quarter is Wednesday April 8th.
Students in the upper grades should be reminded to complete all assignments due before the end of the day on April 8th.

Report cards will be mailed to parents beginning the week of April 13th.
Should parents want a copy e-mailed to them they are requested to send an e-mail to Mr. Woods at
Mr. Woods will scan the report card and send it.

The Educate portal will also be opened on Monday for those parents who may have previously set up access during the months of September to March.
 The report card will be visible through the portal. 

Staff are not available for updating the Educate logins and passwords as Easter Recess begins on Wednesday afternoon.
Should parents want access after April 20th they are asked to send an email to Mr. Woods at and Mr. Guzman will send them an email after April 20th.

Instructional Packets Available  
PreK packets are available for all the PreK classes.
They will be available until 
Wednesday, April 8th at 2:00 PM.
Parents are requested to bring a shopping bag with them for the materials.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Parent Survey

Manhattan Region Survey

Mr. Tweed, the regional superintendent, has asked that parents complete a parent survey regarding the on-line learning.

Dear families,

Our Catholic Schools have been providing home-based learning since March 23, 2020 and your feedback is important to us. Please take a few minutes to click on the link below and complete a short survey. We are so grateful for your partnership and support as we work together during this difficult time. We hope that your family remains in good health and stays safe during the days and weeks ahead.

Wishing you many Blessings,

Joseph M. Tweed
Regional Superintendent of Schools - Manhattan

Dear Parents, 

I pray that this e-mail finds you well and safe. 

Our lives have changed very dramatically over the last few weeks and I know that parents in particular have been impacted by trying to figure out how to manage remote learning and balancing the financial needs of the entire family.  Please know that we are all committed to working together with you to make the experience better for everyone, especially our students.

As we navigate a new playing field, we need to recognize that it is not level.  But together we must recognize our positives:  we have highly qualified and devoted teachers, wonderful children and truly supportive parents. I have been privileged to witness some outstanding examples of our teacher’s creativity and ingenuity and student’s eagerness to learn in our continuing online instruction. I am grateful to them and to you for your cooperation in this new process of teaching and learning. Embracing this challenge makes growth and success possible for all of our students.

Today, even in the midst of this new learning environment, we continue to depend on your tuition payments to provide the funds to pay our teachers and staff.  In order for our school community to continue to thrive, it has never been more important that everyone fulfill their tuition obligation. But we also recognize that some of you are facing your own financial challenges as a result of this pandemic. If your family is experiencing a financial crisis, please let me know by e-mailing me at 

We have already ceased charging late fees so as not to add to any family’s tuition obligation.  Please know that delayed or partial payments will not be penalized in any way.  If the current crisis has created new challenges for you, please be assured that we will consider carefully any request to defer your tuition payments.  

In addition, there are a variety of resources that are available to you and your family through the Archdiocese, as well as other organizations that have responded to this crisis. 

The links to those services can be found on our website.

Finally, be assured of my daily prayers for you and your family that you may be blessed with peace, trust in God’s care, strong health, and every good gift.

Sincerely yours,

Andrew G. Woods, principal 

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Calendar Changes and Updates

Good afternoon. In making this message short and sweet Mr. Woods is numbering the details.  I do hope that everyone is well. As most parents know 
Mr. Woods has self quarantined at 71 Arden to make sure that all the animals are taken care during this time. Please make sure you and your child are following the recommendations of the 
CDC (Centers for Disease Control). Hopefully everyone has read that Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leading scientist for our country, is a graduate of
 Catholic Schools specifically Regis High School on the East Side. 

1. On line learning will continue next week 
April 6, 7 and 8th. Students must be present for classes to receive credit for the class as mentioned previously on this blog - either in Google Classroom or Zoom meetings with teachers.
These days are to make up for 
March 16, 17th and 18th when school was not in session. March 20th will be counted as a conference day for teachers as they learned how to use online teaching platforms.
 Others days will be made up when 
Mr. Woods has further details.  

2. Easter Recess will be 
April 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17.

3. On line learning resumes on Monday April 20th.

4. Governor  Cuomo has closed all school in 
New York State until April 30th as of today. 

5. Report Cards will be mailed as teachers complete them. The option to have them e-mailed to parents will be given after all report cards have been mailed.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Report Cards - Third Quarter

Third Quarter Report Cards
Grades K-8

The third quarter ends April 8, 2020. 
The Educate Student Information System has been turned off while Mr. Woods reviews grade books etc.
 Report cards will be worked on by the teachers immediately after the quarter ends and Mr. Woods will meet with teachers via Zoom regarding the report cards. 
After finalizing the report cards the report cards will be mailed home in batches as Mr. Woods is able to print, stuff in envelopes and get them to the post office.  
IRIS alerts will be sent when a certain grade's report cards have been mailed so that parents may be on the 
look out for the report card.
Mr. Woods is aware that they may be problems with postal deliveries in the next couple of weeks and prior to the report cards being mailed will scan report cards for e-mail delivery.
E-mail delivery will only be available after ALL report cards have been mailed ----as too many tasks being done at once will result in errors.
A Parent Teacher Conference day will be set up after we return to school so I ask parents to be patient as to answers of why their child may have received a certain grade.

Many parents have called or e-mailed Mr. Woods 
regarding the fee for After School on Smart Tuition. 
Mr. Guzman is working with 
Smart Tuition to have this adjusted on tuition.
Please only pay your tuition part to Smart Tuition until everything can be adjusted in the next couple of weeks. 
Please understand that many things are hitting the office staff all at once and they are working from home in communication with 
Mr. Woods on a daily basis.

Easter Recess 
April 6, 2020- April 20, 2020

Monday, March 30, 2020

Week of March 30, 2020 Announcements

On-Line Learning Tools

As we continue to assist your child through Google Classroom
 I ask that you monitor the assignments due or 
due date (for older students).
As I explained last week if you or your child cannot be present for the class as scheduled they are to see the work that the teacher has posted and complete it before midnight.  In this way we can keep attendance of who is completing work.
Alba has been recording the attendance in Educate as required by the Superintendent of Schools office. She will be calling parents when children have not logged on or completed work requested

On Friday, March 27th some classes launched Zoom video conferencing classes. I happened to be present in Ms. Wong's and Ms. Coello's class on Friday and greeted the students as they worked face to face with those teachers. Other teachers will be launching the program as they learn the mechanics of the program so please be patient. 
At this time these will be the only programs that we will work with students. There are many others but limiting the arena to two keeps the stress level down during a very stressful time in our country's history.

I meet with all teachers daily, through Zoom, in the morning and the afternoon so if parents wish me to bring up concerns please email me at

If parents would wish to have a Zoom meeting with Mr. Woods regarding their concerns we can also set that up -- please e-mail me should you want that meeting to take place. We would need your e-mail address and time most convenient time to have that meeting -- I will have Mr. Guzman here with me should a translator be needed.