Saturday, May 29, 2010

Week of June 1st Announcements

Tuition Suspension Day June 7th

The final Tuition Suspension Day will take
place on Monday June 7th.

At this time all tuition for the 2010-2011
school year is due.

Parents are reminded that if there is a balance
on their tuition beginning June 7th their access to the
SIS (Students Information System) will be blocked
for the remainder of the year.

Tuesday 6/1- Review pages for exams will be posted
on the school blog to enable you to assist
your child in studying for their exams.

Parents are reminded that End of Year Exams
cover material from September 2009-June 2010.

June 2010 calendars will be sent home with your
child. Extras will be available near the tuition office.

Wednesday 6/2 - New York State Science Performance
Test Grades 4 and 8

Vocabulary Review Test for the 4th quarter.

Thursday 6/3 - Innovation Learning Walk for the
Title IId technology grant.

Friday - School if closed