Sunday, June 3, 2012

Week of June 4, 2012

Reflection on Feast of Corpus Christii
Sunday June 10th

you call us today:

and migrant workers,
Irish, Nicaraguans and Japanese,
those who stand back and those who don’t.

“Come to me,
This is my body;
take it,”

and we all become your body.

Make us what we eat.
Let your love course through our lives
and turn us into
one body.

SMART Tuition Company-NEW for September 2012
Next year, September 2012, a new tuition company
will be employed for collecting tuition, fees etc.
This company will be collecting tuition from all
Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese. A letter
is on the front page of the April Calendar explaining
this change and more information will be coming
in the next few months. Please pick up a form
from either Mrs. Resto or Alba in the school office.
The form should be returned to the school office.

Change in Monthly Calendar
Reading Exam for all students
in Grades 1-8 has been moved to
Thursday June 14th.

Mathematics Exam for all students
in Grades 1-8 has been moved to
Wednesday June 13th

Monday June 4th
End of Year Exam in Science Grades 1-8.
New York State Science Exam Grades 4 and 8

Tuesday June 5th
End of Year Religion Exam Grades 1-8
Archdiocesan Religion Exam Grades 3-8

Wednesday June 6th

Thursday June 7th
Scoring of New York State Science Exam
Grades 4 & 8
8th grade trip

Friday June 8th
Early Dismissal Day 12:00 noon
Scoring of Archdiocesan Religion Exam

Sunday June 10th
Mass for all students in sacramental program.
Fr. Antonio will hand out certificates
for Reconciliation, First Holy Communion
and Confirmation after Mass.